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The Adam Hill Commercial

I spent most of the weekend recovering from Friday’s show, a completely draining experience as we spent 2.5 hours discussing a TV commercial on KSBY for Adam Hill that Jerry Lenthall thinks is unfair and unethical.

On background, I was made aware of this issue by reps of the Lethnall campaign. Hill is running a TV spot, accusing Lenthall of voting for two consecutive pay raises WHILE (and that is the key word) voting to cut services within the county. The spot ran on KSBY last week and is still running.

Apparently, Lenthall told Hill directly that he would sue if Hill didn’t stop airing the commercial. They also brought in a big time Sacramento attorney, Charles Bell, who wrote to KSBY and told them the commercial was false. Their argument is based on a claim by county CEO David Edge that no funds that were cut were used for pay raises. Thus far, KSBY has refused to stop airing the commercial.

So on Friday we heard from the Lenthall attorney, and then from the campaign consultant who created the spot for Hill. And then the phone calls flooded in, with everyone from Tom Bordonaro to Lynn Cooper weighing in.

Having heard the spot multiple times, I fear that Jerry may be creating a “boomerang effect” for his campaign by calling attention to the spot. I wasn’t aware of it until the Lenthall people brought it to my attention. I have to wonder if they’ve done more harm than good with all this publicity. They might have been better off with a counter ad as a response.

One of the more interesting calls came from “Tom in Grover Beach” who claimed that Lenthall used a similar tactic against Patty Andreen in 2004. She was on the school board and Jerry allegedly attacked her for taking a pay raise while programs were being cut. Anybody know if this is true?

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