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The Democrats Commit Political Suicide

The dust has settled from Pennsylvania and little has really changed. Hillary picked up a grand total of ten delegates, Obama still can’t close the big deal, and we’re still focused on the pettiness of flag pins and ministers and ducking sniper fire in Bosnia. Onward to North Carolina, Indiana, and Oregon.

All the experts continue to say that Hillary can’t win. Her only chance would be to somehow hijack the superdelegates. But the damage has been done. She’s been beating up on Obama for six straight weeks. The Clintons seem to feel like they own the Democratic party. It’s theirs to do with as they please. Meanwhile, I can’t help but feel like Al Gore is sitting on the sidelines, chuckling to himself and waiting for that phone call from Howard Dean. Denver could be a very interesting convention come August.

I’m old enough to remember 1968. Even with the shooting of RFK and the turmoil that was Chicago, the Democrats almost denied Nixon the White House. They will get it together in the fall. McCain looks strong now, but that’s because the spotlight remains off of him. The heat will get plenty hot come October and we’ll see how well his thick, aged skin holds up.

SM Bill will be back on Thursday to discuss how petty the presidential race has become.

Finally, thanks to Guy Murray for the great segment Tuesday night about the seizure of the children from the Mormon compound in Texas and to AG Andy tonight for tackling the lack of “freedom of ideas” in college classrooms. Andy has challenged Bill to a debate on the radio. We’ll shoot for May.

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