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The Bible and the Constitution

We had a really great exchange last night during the second half of the show about why it’s important to remember that the Constitution always trumps the Bible when it comes to law and individual rights. Check out the podcast if you missed the show.

We spun off the discussion with Mike Zimmerman from Tuesday night about his opposition to a new law in California that essentially increases the teaching of so-called “alternative lilfestyles” in the classroom. Mike argued that such teaching of gay couples, etc. is offensive to him because of his religious beliefs and he thought the liberals had a “gay agenda” that he didn’t want being pushed on students.

Meanwhile, Mardi Hall tracked down a great story about Leslie Hagen, a top official in the Bush Justice Department who supposedly lost her job over RUMORS that she is a lesbian. Why? Because of the religious views of her immediate superior, a devout Christian. The case is finally getting attention and is being investigated.

We must have religious tolerance in this country and respect all religious points of view. The Bible belongs in the home, the church and one’s heart, but beyond that, well, I’m not so sure. Our rights stem from the Constitution, which is not a religious document. When the Bible is used as a litmus test for public policy, we all suffer.

In terms of the new California law, I’m not crazy about government mandating classroom content, but there is so much harassment and hate in the schools today, teaching tolerance seems long overdue. Since gay couples do exist, what is so wrong with portraying them in a positive light iin our teaching content?

I’m sure we’ll return to this discussion again.

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