The Week Ahead

It was good to have the three day weekend, but we’re ready for a full week of Hometown Radio. We’ll be putting more listeners on the bus all week for our special twilight tour of Hearst Castle and reception in Morro Bay on Saturday, April 5th.

Good show planned for today. As previously announced, David Horowitz will be given the chance to explain his side of why he’s coming to town to support Lenthall. Also Dr. Larry Martinez weighs in on current events, Christine Hill talks about her new work with Alzheimer patients and we’ll also have a discussion of whether pregnant women should be allowed to park in handicapped spots.

Other segments of interest this week: Lois Capps and attorney Jeff Stuhberg on Wednesday. Janet Spatz, the new VP at Charter joins us on Thursday to take your phone calls and talk about what’s happening at Charter. Tuesday we’ll look at holistic treatments for allergies, always a common problem on the Central Coast this time of year.

On a personal note, we’ve received word at El Dorado that Pattie Wagner, our general sales manager for the last 11 years, has announced she’s leaving for bigger and better things. Her last day is Friday. KVEC has no bigger advocate inside the building than Pattie and we will all miss her friendship and support on behalf of Hometown Radio. We wish her the best.

Finally, sadly, I had tried early last week to go back to the old ways of “open posting” on this blog, without comments having to filter through me first. The comments on this blog, overall, of late, have been outstanding and I was hopeful. But it quickly became obvious that there is a need for such a filter to continue. All I can say is that there are a few angry people out there, but like the infamous Hannity Hate Line, perhaps by taking their venom out on me, they’re nicer to you. But somehow I doubt it.

Have a good week.

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