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Mid-Week Report

This will be a short week for us. El Dorado is giving all station employees Good Friday off so we’ll have a Best of playing on Friday. I’m hoping people are signing up for the KVEC VIP club on our web site as we are starting to put VIP members on our Hearst Castle bus trip for Saturday, April 5th. Mardi and I are looking forward to hosting folks afterwards in Morro Bay.

Lois Capps will be in studio next Wednesday at 3. Also, I spent some time last Monday wondering why Jerry Lenthall is bringing controversial author David Horowitz to the Central Coast for a fundraiser. It looks like we’ll have a chance to ask the source himself — Horowitz will join us Monday at 4. He certainly has the right to speak wherever he wants — I just don’t understand why he’s getting involved in a county supe race.

We’ve had some great segments this week, especially on the issue of race. Jerry Dagna and Andrew Carter could not be further apart, but I appreciate their thoughts about Obama, his speech, and racism. As a former speech teacher, I think that Obama delivered a heartfelt and powerful speech and I’m hopeful we can now move forward. The venom surrounding Obama’s minister strikes me as a classic straw man attack. Why are we so vicious towards Pastor Wright when we have excused Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson for years over their insensitive comments? I don’t know how much longer the Democrats can keep clubbing themselves to death.

Also, thankful to Bob Sachs for joining us tonight to explain the crisis between China and Tibet. Like most of the callers, I do not believe we sohuld boycott the Olympics in August, but neither can we simply stand by without expressing our concern somehow.

Finally, I note that today is the 5th anniversary of the war. 3,990 U.S. soldiers dead. I hope you’ll think of their sacrifice in the days to come.

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