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Only a Man Can Be President

We certainly ended the week with a bang today and we will carry over both the 5 p.m. and the 6 p.m. discussions to Monday and beyond.

Thanks to Karen Velie and Dan Blackburn for joining us today and giving us the skinny on the investment scandal rocking the county, especially North County. One attorney compared this scam to Enron and my heart broke when Jon from Atascadero called in to explain how he lost $600,000. The Tribune reported this story weeks ago, but spun it as a sign of a downturning economy. But the folks from UncoveredSLO have traced it to greed and incompetence and are naming names in their articles online. Check it out.

Things were equally emotional during the 6:05 hour when Mardi, Lani Silver and I talked about the events of the week in terms of sexism and racism. Good calls, but surprising calls from listeners who admitted up front that they would never vote for a woman for President. Even the only woman who called tonight said the same thing. The consistent theme to the argument seems to be that other countries around the world, particularly the Middle East, would not accept a woman president.

Of course there was Margaret Thatcher. And Mrs. Ghandi in India. And Golda Meir in Israel. The head of Germany right now is a woman and Mrs. Bhutto was assassinated for trying to lead Pakistan.

I don’t get this argument. We should elect a woman as president — IF she is the best candidate. I don’t think Hillary is this time around.

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