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Upcoming Segments on Hometown Radio

I have especially appreciated the last five days of shows as we have showcased everyone from Candy Markwith, the CEO of Sierra Vista, to Al Brill’s great analysis of the LA woman who was awarded $9 million when her insurance company dropped her for having breast cancer. And, as always, I appreciate all the phone calls and emails we get daily.

Some important segments are coming up. Today (Thursday) Dan DeVaul from the controversial Sunny Acres property will give his side of the story at 4:05.

At 5:05, we have a visiting professor and geologist who used to work with NASA. Dr. Bob Strom is very concerned about climate change and he’ll make his case.

On Friday, Shirley Bianchi continues her battle against the Amgen bicycle tour and Cal Poly journalism professor George Ramos returns to discuss the N.Y. Times, the L.A. Times and the changing times for newspapers around the country.

Next week, we’ve already got Supervisor Jim Patterson booked to discuss the status of Animal Services, George Milanes weighs in on Cuba after Fidel and Miss Etiquette will visit.

Tune in, call in! Thanks for supporting Hometown Radio.

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