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Waiting for Hillary

The results are not good tonight for Hillary Clinton. Obama gave her a serious thumping in Wisconsin and Hawaii, his native state, should make it ten in a row for the Illinois senator. The Associated Press called Clinton’s effort “a fading campaign.” How much longer does she stay in the race? Does she really have any chance of winning the nomination at this point? And here’s a question for you: Chances are this will be Hillary’s only shot at the White House. If she eventually bows out, as I predict she will, will the Clintons stay married or will we see Bill and Hillary divorce? I hate to be so cynical, but why else are these two people still together other than for political expediency?

More and more, it’s shaping up as a general election between John McCain and Barack Obama. What a study in contrasts on every level. I respect McCain, but I felt sorry for him during his speech tonight. Public speaking is not his strength. It will be a fascinating election. I also admire Obama, but I seriously doubt his pledge to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq in 2009. I just don’t see it happening either logistically or politically. He better not promise the moon.

Anyway, on Wednesday, we’ll get perspective from visiting Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy and also check in with Dr. Ted Rueter out in Wisconsin. Dave Romero will be with us next Tuesday and Candy Markwith, the CEO of Sierra Vista, joins me on Thursday of this week.

Thanks again to John Spencer and Cathe Olsen for discussing the beef recall on Monday. Personally I eat more white meat than red and limit my beef to once or twice a month. John deals exclusively with Harris Ranch, certainly a reputable company, but these meat recalls are scary and do give one pause about how beef is processed.

It was also good to have Dr. Larry Martinez back on the show for his first appearance of ’08. We’re in agreement about public television needing a vast overhaul.

Stay dry.

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