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Time Out

The beauty of a radio show discussion is that we can mantain an element of civility. I can keep the callers in line, hanging up or hitting the 7-second delay if they don’t. Blogging gives a false sense of courage to some who would never pick up a phone and call into a radio show (and probably never should). So the radio show has some built-in safeguards, not 100%, but pretty darn close.

The blog, however, is more like a frontier town, wild and lawless, open to all and difficult to police. Emotions run wild, which is both good and bad.

It is clear from these last few threads that everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to take a time out. The comments are getting mean and ugly and personal. I’m deleting more comments than ever before. Now some people are following some of our bloggers to other web sites and making even more personal attacks. It has to stop.

I really don’t want to have to go into work today and ask our web master to trace the source of these comments (which we can do). And I don’t really want to go into work today and ask my boss to upgrade the blog to have some kind of registration system. But I’m prepared to do all this and much more if that is what it takes to get this town under control and return to a focus on the issues.

So for now, no new comments will be allowed on the threads.

What you say has consequences. Please. I’m asking politely. Everyone needs to tone it down.

So let’s break for a couple days and try again.


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