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Newt Talks Tough

Thanks to Lois Capps for coming by today and fielding listener phone calls. Health care seemed to be on everyone’s mind. And Jerry Dagna sounded like he had a great time in Zion National Park in Utah.

Some good segments planned for this week. I’m trying to get Rich Hawkins, our general manager, to come in and discuss corporate media in light of our discussion last week with Bob Sachs. Gordon Mullen is scheduled to discuss free trade on Wednesday and Ron Yukelson from Sierra Vista will look at the pros and cons of the Canadian health care system on Thursday.

On Friday, we wade back into the mess that is Channel 2 Public Access, joined this time by both Ron Bearce and Michael Passarelli. Civility will prevail. Michael requested this opportunity. Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, I post these comments by Newt Gingrich, like Bill Clinton, a super-intelligent and personally flawed public figure. I thought you might be interested in his comments:

“Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday the Bush administration is waging a “phony war” on terrorism, warning that the country is losing ground against the kind of Islamic radicals who attacked the country on Sept. 11, 2001.

A more effective approach, said Gingrich, would begin with a national energy strategy aimed at weaning the country from its reliance on imported oil and some of the regimes that petro-dollars support.

“None of you should believe we are winning this war. There is no evidence that we are winning this war,” the ex-Georgian told a group of about 300 students attending a conference for collegiate conservatives.

Gingrich, who led the so-called Republican Revolution that won the GOP control of both houses of Congress in 1994 midterm elections, said more must be done to marshal national resources to combat Islamic militants at home and abroad and to prepare the country for future attack. He was unstinting in his criticism of his fellow Republicans, in the White House and on Capitol Hill.

“We were in charge for six years,” he said, referring to the period between 2001 and early 2007, when the GOP controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. “I don’t think you can look and say that was a great success.”.

“I believe we need to find leaders who are prepared to tell the truth … about the failures of the performance of Republicans … failed bureaucracies … about how dangerous the world is,” he said when asked what kind of Republican he would back for president.

Gingrich was interrupted with applause once, when he called for an end to the biting partisanship critics say has polarized national politics and paralyzed the workings of government.

“We have got to get past this partisan baloney, where I’m not allowed to say anything good about Hillary Clinton because ‘I’m not a loyal Republican,’ and she’s not allowed to say anything good about me, or she’s not a ‘loyal’ Democrat. What a stupid way to run a country.”

He reserved his most pointed criticism for the administration’s handling of the global campaign against terrorist groups.

“We’ve been engaged in a phony war,” said Gingrich. “The only people who have been taking this seriously are the combat military.”

His remarks seemed to reflect, in part, the findings of a National Intelligence Estimate made public last month.

In the estimate, the U.S. intelligence community concluded that six years of U.S. efforts to degrade the al-Qaida terrorist group had left the organization constrained but still potent, having “protected or regenerated” the capability to attack the United States in ways that have left the country “in a heightened threat environment.”

“We have to take this seriously,” said Gingrich.”

  1. Anonymous
    August 7, 2007 at 6:52 am

    rbnqzlebPerhaps Ron Yukelson would like to comment on the nightmare that happened at his hospital….(NOT)

    The amount of morphine that they alledgedly administered in the OR on the poor disabled “Organ Donor” was enough to KILL most anyone. IF you read the article in the TRIB on Saturday…read it completely…and it is accurate…you SHOULD be outraged. 210 mg of Morphine IV push is 21 times the normal dosage for someone of normal size….& this poor soul only weighed like 90 pounds. Reading this account was…if accurate….sounding a lot like attempted murder for the sake of organ “donation”. Now I believe in the life saving practice of organ donation…but this was a very troubling occurence in our own local hospital.

  2. Rich from Paso
    August 7, 2007 at 8:10 am

    What newt said is a combination of Dave and I have both been saying, except at opposite ends of the spectrum. I have said for a long time that our dependence on Saudi oil has created a cycle where our need for oil goes to the Saudis who in turn give it to the terrorists who in turn attack America, either at home or abroad. Newt is saying that we need to break that cycle by tapping into our oil reserves here in the Western Hemisphere. There is oil in ANWAR and off the coasts of California and Florida, but the NIMBY crowd and the enviromentalists won’t let us go get it (which just leaves it for China and Cuba to exploit in the Gulf of Mexico). Dave has been saying that Americans have not “sacrificed” anything for this war. That is what Newt refered to as a “phony” war on terrorism. Not that the threats of Radical islamic fundamentalism are not real, just our responses as a people and as a government are half-hearted, disjointed and unfocused. The president has used the GWOT as the reason de jur for everything the administration does. Congress uses the GWOT as a politcal football to kick around to score points with and because of the partisanship and rancor, Congress feels free to not even unite with the president on what to do about it. Mr. and Mrs. America have forgotten about 9/11 (or don’t want to remember) and have pretty much tuned out the threats that face America because the Iraq War has created a mental burden, what with all the partisanship, that they just don;t want to bear anymore. As Newt said, only the military is taking it seriously. The phrase “phony war” is misleading, but it does focus attention on the fact that America is not fighting this war with the same ferocity that we fought with the last time we were the victim of a sneak attack. The response to the threats not the threat itself is what is phony.

  3. Thomas W
    August 7, 2007 at 3:46 pm

    Dave….the first anonymous comment on your blog, in my opinion, should be deleted as it has nothing to do with what you wrote.
    I do not always agree with Rich, but having said that, I always respect his opinion as it is alway reasoned out and stated clearly and without antagonism. This time I pretty much go along with what both he and Newt had to say (never thought I’d hear myself say that). My worry is that this war is bankrupting us and putting us in such a position that we will be unable to defend ourselves and that is really scary.
    The major problem with alternate fuels and relieving ourselves of an Oil economy is the profit in the business. The major oil companies are going to fight any real attempt at providing a way out of our dependence on oil tooth and nail.

  4. Anonymous
    August 7, 2007 at 5:04 pm

    Tom, you are correct that the first anonymous comment has nothing to do with the titled topic….however the first 3 paragraphs of Dave’s blog didn’t either AND did mention Ron Yukelson from Sierra Vista coming on….and also mentioned that health care seems to be on everyone’s mind. I know THIS health care issue has been on the minds of many of us. Sorry for another diversion from the main topic….but it WAS mentioned. Back to the topic, I agree Rich’s comment was well thought out.

  5. Dave Congalton
    August 7, 2007 at 6:07 pm

    There’s no need to delete the first comment. I mentioned Ron Yukelson and the blogger was merely commenting on this important news story.

    As I’ve tried to stress before, I try never to delete a comment unless it’s juvenile or offensive.

  6. Aarron (from OK)
    August 7, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    Since sean loves Newt so much, has he said anything about these comments? My radio was stolen out of my car, and I haven’t heard Dave since 6-29-07. Anyway, I think its good for someone on the ‘right’ to speak out against Bush. So many things that Cheney has done? I mean if he were a normal citizen, and done the things he’s done? He’d be jail with a long prison sentence

  7. Thomas W
    August 7, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    I stand (or sit) corrected.

  8. Rich from Paso
    August 8, 2007 at 12:59 am

    Tom, I don’t necessarily think that money is the issue. As me and others have said in other threads, we are wasting billions on Congressmen’s pet projects every year. It’s only when you find something else that is more important to you do we go “if not but for X, we could pay for Y”. I think that the real issue is focus and intensity. If we had been dedicated on irradicating al Qaeda all over the world as opposed to just fighting them, they would be no more. Words mean things and I just don’t think the political will is there in Washington, regardless of party, to take this fight to the fanatical, radical extremist Jihadists that purpetrated 9/11 et al. I do think that iraq has been a distraction for both us and the Jihadists in that reports are saying that the ‘civil war’ is in fact a fabrication of al Qaeda and that al Qaeda in Iraq is just a front for the main al Qaeda and they are one in the same. I don’t how much of that is true but the fact remains that we are fighting islamofacsists in Iraq and Afghanistan and they have chosen to fight us there instead of trying to sneak into the US again. What should be troubling for any Democrat is that if Newt is right and the focus and intensity is lacking in what is commonly seen as a very hawkish president, what candidate on the Democrat side is best able to take the insensity to the next level as Newt suggests we should?

  9. the sky is falling tom
    August 8, 2007 at 2:20 am

    Thomas W?
    Is the sky falling too?
    You libs are so worried about companies making profits, yet you all own stock and demand that it perform!
    Look at Michael More! He owns all the ones he says he hates, but has no trouble cashing the dividends!

    and since when do we vote on what gets deleted? Oh my gawd! What a mary! Relax…if you don’t like it scroll down! Do you have too much spare time on your hands?

    By the way Tom…Nothing, I repeat NOTHING bankrupts America.

    This war is a drop in the bucket monitarily to what a nuke going off in the USA would cost us all!
    Relax…We have a republican in the white house so you are safe for now.

    As for your congress…hmmm Get off your ass and do something about those slimey slugs! You elected em…handle em!

  10. Alicia in Goldtree
    August 8, 2007 at 4:13 am

    The greater good would be to delete the first post.
    Thank you

  11. Marilyn
    August 8, 2007 at 6:44 am

    With all due respect to all the experts and politicians who keep talking about “defeating” Al Qai’ida, many seem to forget that “the Base” is not a group or an entity or even a political or military group that can be “defeated.” Al Qa’ida has come to symbolize the ideology around which different cells and groups across the globe gather to conduct their version of slaughter for political, religious and ideological reasons. Al Qaida can no more be destroyed militarily than Christianity, Judaism or Islam because there is no one spokesperson or membership group attached to it.

    Newt Gingrich has a few more brain cells and is less delusional than his more extreme born-again counterparts in the religiously zealot community within and outside the government and the military. However, he has got it wrong just like most people in the United States have got it wrong.

    We keep talking about defeating something which can never be defeated militarily. In the minds of the simpletons in this country (and elsewhere) Al Qa’ida has come to represent a tangible group or enemy just like the same simpletons thought (and continue to think) that there was a link between Saddam Hussein and the 9-11 attacks. It was obvious that the link was not there but that is what happens when idiots who do not have a dime to their name listen to other idiots who rule the country by convincing those same dimeless and hardworking sods that war is good for them and that they should encourage their kids to go to the Middle East and get slaughtered to get rid of “Al Qa’ida.”

    Heck we can’t even find the donkey riding, slipper wearing, nightgown clad Bin Laden who was dying of renal failure. Heck if we cannot catch a guy on his death bed, how can we eradicate Al Qa’ida?

    I know why: maybe because those crooks in office know that they can brainwash those dimeless voters into believing that we need to keep on fighting till the job is done knowing well that the job will never get done because we are fighting a phantom enemy, an idea that is dispersed across the globe.

    Mr. Gingrich’s lament is a bit too little too late. I would think the almost 4000 dead and 30,000 severly wounded U.S. soldiers, as well as the hundreds of thousands of dead, tortured, imprisoned, and maimed people in the Middle East would have wanted all this hot stuff talk to have taken place before the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    If you really think about it, the mission of George Bush Almighty has been accomplished. His mission was to go into Iraq and he is in. Everything else after that is incidental, including Al Qa’ida and Bin Laden. Those two are the means used to keep the dimeless of this nation afraid so they can continue to vote for the slaughter of their own children and the children of the world.

    There is nothing “tough” about following the herd and going with the follow. Real toughness is measured in the ability of people to do what is moral and right despite the public condemnation and ridicule and despite the hardship it can cause them.

    Real toughness is when people stand up to defend those that are helpless without glorifying the killing. They are your whistleblowers who have lost everything because they did the right thing.

    They are not the good old boys who “stick together” no matter what (another aspect of criminal behavior).

    Real tough guys are those who are willing to advocate for everyone who needs defending no matter who they are.

  12. Rich from Paso
    August 8, 2007 at 8:43 am

    Marilyn: This goes back to the heart of the chief criticism leveled at you. To wit: if “the base” (and I knew before you said it what al Qaida means) is an ideology not so much an organization that cannot be defeated militarily, and… the members of this ideology will never relent in their pursuit of either a)the subjegation of all non-muslims so they capitulate and accept Allah as the one true God and Mohammed as his prophet, or b) the destruction of those non-believers so as to purify the world of the non-believer’s influence, what other alternative do we have other than continuing to kill them in self-defense from their religious zelaotry? You consistently make the “extreme born-again counterparts in the religiously zealot community within and outside the government and the military” the bad guys in this conflict of cultures, but it is the al Qaida-types that struck the WTC in 1993, the US embassies in Africa in 1998, the USS Cole in 2000, and the Pentagon and the WTC again in 2001 that bear a great deal of culpability in this conflict. What possible reason could there be for ANY sane American to trust al Qaida to abide by any effort of the United States to disengage from Iraq and the Middle East when they came to America and killed 3,100 of our, yours and mine, fellow citizens without provocation? There is NONE. Your response to these questions are of paramount importance. Given what I have said, if you are going to defend al Qaida (either consciously or unwittingly) by accusing the west of bringing this fight on ourselves, then you really are a terrorist sympathizer and are a threat to America. I don’t know how much more clearly and cogently I can express the mistrust you have built for yourself by always criticizing Bush and his administration and not leveling the same ‘fair and balanced’ criticism of the terrorists that continue to fight us and did fight us even before we were fighting them. Finally, not once have we heard any criticism or even the acknowledgment of any of the shortcomings of Islam. It is Bush and his merry band of world destroying hate-mongers. But from you there is no acknowledgement of any of the abuses to women and minorities that are inherent and ingrained in the Muslim and Arab cultures. There are no “honor killings” of non-Muslim women in the western world. You talk about defending the defensless. Where is your condemnation of that practice by your own people? The West does not rush to judgement and then summarily execute people for religious crimes. The Taliban executed men for having their beards to short or children for flying kites. If the West is going to execute a person (occurances are rarer outside the US of executions), that person would average at least 15 years on death row before being executed, usually after every last recourse had been exhausted. Your criticisms of this administration and the West in general creates the perception that you are in fact a spokesperson, again either unwittingly or purposefully, of supporting the cause of the terrorists.

  13. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    August 9, 2007 at 4:04 am

    Nice Rich, I cannot agree more. Marilyn, hope you are able to respond to this since I know many are wondering what you will come up with.

  14. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    August 9, 2007 at 4:13 am

    Here is a choice article/blog by the NYT. How stuipid can they be/ It seems to me that they almost are giving the terrorist good ideas! This, to me, is a disgrace to journalism.

    Encouraging Terror?

    If You Were a Terrorist, How Would You Attack?

    By Steven D. Levitt

    The TSA recently announced that most airplane carry-on restrictions will stay in place for at least another year, until new X-ray technology has been fully installed. Surprisingly, one item that will now be permitted on board is a lighter. While it seems crazy to keep people from bringing toothpaste, deodorant, or water on a plane, it doesn’t seem so strange to ban lighters, which could be used to start fires. I wonder whether the lighter manufacturers were lobbying for or against this rule change — on the one hand, having 22,000 lighters confiscated per day would seem good for business; but on the other hand, maybe fewer people will buy lighters if they can’t travel with them.

    Hearing about these rules got me thinking about what I would do to maximize terror if I were a terrorist with limited resources. I’d start by thinking about what really inspires fear. One thing that scares people is the thought that they could be a victim of an attack. With that in mind, I’d want to do something that everybody thinks might be directed at them, even if the individual probability of harm is very low. Humans tend to overestimate small probabilities, so the fear generated by an act of terrorism is greatly disproportionate to the actual risk.

    Also, I’d want to create the feeling that an army of terrorists exists, which I’d accomplish by pulling off multiple attacks at once, and then following them up with more shortly thereafter.

    Third, unless terrorists always insist on suicide missions (which I can’t imagine they would), it would be optimal to hatch a plan in which your terrorists aren’t killed or caught in the act, if possible.

    Fourth, I think it makes sense to try to stop commerce, since a commerce breakdown gives people more free time to think about how scared they are.

    Fifth, if you really want to impose pain on the U.S., the act has to be something that prompts the government to pass a bundle of very costly laws that stay in place long after they have served their purpose (assuming they had a purpose in the first place).

    My general view of the world is that simpler is better. My guess is that this thinking applies to terrorism as well. In that spirit, the best terrorist plan I have heard is one that my father thought up after the D.C. snipers created havoc in 2002. The basic idea is to arm 20 terrorists with rifles and cars, and arrange to have them begin shooting randomly at pre-set times all across the country. Big cities, little cities, suburbs, etc. Have them move around a lot. No one will know when and where the next attack will be. The chaos would be unbelievable, especially considering how few resources it would require of the terrorists. It would also be extremely hard to catch these guys. The damage wouldn’t be as extreme as detonating a nuclear bomb in New York City, of course; but it sure would be a lot easier to obtain a handful of guns than a nuclear weapon.

    I’m sure many readers have far better ideas. I would love to hear them. Consider that posting them could be a form of public service: I presume that a lot more folks who oppose and fight terror read this blog than actual terrorists. So by getting these ideas out in the open, it gives terror fighters a chance to consider and plan for these scenarios before they occur.

  15. Joe M
    August 9, 2007 at 4:58 am

    That Levitt guy is an asshole and should have his nuts kicked in for writting such a stupid, pro-terrorist article. Someone should write an article on how to plan to drop kick levitt in the nuts so whoever kicks him in the nuts can plan on how to defeat his attempts to stop it. What a dick!

  16. lib
    August 9, 2007 at 5:00 am

    Marilyn gets real with the infidels:

    “With all due respect to all the experts and politicians who keep talking about “defeating” Al Qai’ida, many seem to forget that “the Base” is not a group or an entity or even a political or military group that can be “defeated.”

    I guess Marilyn is being a helpful muslim and trying to convert.
    Hey thanks Marilyn, where the heck do you get those clothes?

  17. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    August 9, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    Surprised that the “Mothers” for Peace (not related to the MF’ers) don’t do a take off of this NYT piece and do a special editorial in the trib about the best ways to attack Diablo! What about the Nazi group running an article about the best ways to scare people of color. I still am in amazement about this credible journalist so called. I think a better idea is the best ways to cancel your subscription to the NYT!

  18. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    August 9, 2007 at 2:31 pm

    Hey, Looks like another sicko from the catholic church is loose, this time in Colorado jogging naked. That is what happens when you try and make people take a vow of celibacy! Where exactly in the bible is that? Oh, that is right, it is not.

    Priest jogs naked in Denver

  19. very proud American
    August 10, 2007 at 1:57 am

    Marilyn said:
    “he has got it wrong just like most people in the United States have got it wrong.”

    hmmm I wonder then why you stay in this country Marilyn? Is the retirement pigging out at the public trough?
    Is it the money they overpay you as a tax supported nurse?

    I suggest instead of leaving your mother in misery over in that sand hell, that you just pack up and rejoin her.

    Marilyn describes Americans:
    1) Simpletons
    2) Idiots who do not have a dime to their name
    3) Working sods
    4) Dime less voters
    5) The herd
    6) Good old boys

    Well there you have it! This is how our muslim tax supported employee sees Americans. Are you beginning to see a pattern?

    Marilyn said:
    “Heck if we cannot catch a guy on his death bed, how can we eradicate Al Qa’ida?”

    Newsflash Marilyn…Bin Laden is dead and has been for quite some time now.

    Marilyn said:
    “we are fighting a phantom enemy, an idea that is dispersed across the globe.”

    Hmmm…how would anyone but an “insider” know that info? I think you just blew your cover marilyn! (by the way…what is your real name? your muslim name?)

    Now, go back and re-read her comment. I dare you to find once where she condemned terrorism. You can’t find it because it’s not there.
    Marilyn condones terrorism and always has. No muslim will ever speak against terrorism because it’s part of the religion!

    I hope you are seeing this for yourself.

    A muslim immigrant that works for a tax supported body, sucking the system she condemns dry of resources and all the while she reviles Americans and condones terrorism.

    It’s all there in black & white.

    so…all you Simpletons, you Idiots who do not have a dime to your name, you stupid Working sods, you Dime less voters, members of the herd-Good old boys…
    What do you think of marilyn now?

    You see the more the surge works, the more the implants want you to think you are failing. Think back…when was the last time this strategy used?
    Her name was Tokyo Rose! That’s right!
    The likes of which tried to convince the American fighting men that their fate was sealed in failure…but then we all know how WWll ended. With the Japanese on their knees in from of our Generals.
    History does repeat itself.

  20. Anonymous
    August 10, 2007 at 2:04 pm

    It is true that Marilyn hates everything American except those than line her pockets with our tax dollars and the freedoms that let her tear us down.
    I too wonder why a person like that abandons her family to come here, and then complains about our country and what made us great.
    Maybe it’s just a Muslim thing to hate everything except Allah.

  21. muslims out of the USA now
    August 11, 2007 at 1:25 am

    Another female tax supported terrorist implant is busted in New York city at ,get this, a muslim language public school!

    This islamo fascists female while sucking off the public trough was spendinh her time promoting a “Terrorist intafada” on T-shirts…but…we busted this hack before she did more damage.

    See a pattern?

    Female, ISLAMO-FACSISTS, tax supported job, promoting terrorism! Bingo!

    We will ferret you out wherever you are and expose you for the criminals you are.

    We are winning this global war on islamo fascism, and will continue to until all these implants are sent back to their sand pits!

    Way to go New York! We are behind you 100%!

    Ps: intafada = Terrorist uprising against the ruling authority

  22. Marilyn
    August 11, 2007 at 4:20 am

    From the brightest bulb:

    < <"Ps: intafada = Terrorist uprising against the ruling authority">>

    I guess that means George Washington and all his followers were terrorists. Were they?

    People who cannot count, do not know that Christianity came before Islam, and who cannot form logical deductions should not be discussing deeper matters in life. The circuits may fry, all two of them.

    To add to my first post, the best way to defeat violent ideologies is by understanding their root and then attempting to fix it from that end. It took a few decades for the Al Qa’ida ideology to come to fruition due to the corruption of the imperial powers as well as the corruption of the Arab and Islamic rulers who are seen to collaborate in state terrorist acts against the people of the Middle East (the little guy).

    Things that added to the problem are globalization and the failure of the nationalist and secular democratic movements due to our meddling and the meddling of Britain, France, the USSR, and Israel. All the above probably pushed people into seeking an alternative way of resistance.

    Keep in mind that the Middle East was emerging from under the control of the Ottomans and from under a European mandate that divided the region into states based on the interest of the colonial powers and without regard to the wishes of the people. The Middle East as we know it came about in the 1940s and was an artificial creation. The divisions were based on strategic and oil interests (that was when Kuwait was separated from what we now know as Iraq and when Greater Lebanon was separated from the larger Syria).

    Add to that the entry of the USSR into the arena of world politics and military buildup (the Cold War). The two super powers thusly started their arms race and geopolitical conflict using the newly emergent nations in the region to fight their battles (the USSR had Egypt, Syria, and one of the Yemens – the United States had Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States – Lebanon flopped in the breeze between one or the other but was always “on good terms” with the United States. It tried to stay “neutral,” a.k.a., without action). Add to that another insult, the creation of a completely foreign and bizarre nation in the region, Israel, a completely foreign and alien group of people who were literally transplanted overnight against the wishes of the locals. Add to that the fact that Israel, the supposed only democracy in the Middle East, is the only nuclear power in the region, but remains without a written constitution (it derives most of its political philosophies from Talmudic law). Even there, we do not have a true democracy. In addition, the US supported the regime of Saddam Hussein in his fight against Iran and in his oppression of his people. Before that, the CIA helped overthrow the democratically elected leader in Iran, Mosaddeg, and re-installed the Pahlavi Shah in his place (A MONARCH). The crime of Mosaddeg? He wanted to nationalize Iranian oil.

    Most of the conflicts in the region were a reflection of the relationship between the US and the USSR and, before that, the British and French. All the above powers supported rulers who did their bidding to the detriment of their own people. All the nationalist movements failed specifically because of such meddling and, more recently, the unconditional support of Israel despite all its transgressions and breaking international and United Nations resolutions.

    The people of the Middle East were in a dilemma:

    1- They cannot do it politically; they will be killed for it by their rulers with our help.

    2- They cannot do it militarily. They do not posses the arsenals of nuclear power states.

    3- They have no recourse to correct injustices inflicted upon them. When an occupying force or a tyrant targets an individual or group for harassment and oppression, it is very difficult to get justice for those being targeted (the little guy gets screwed again).

    Therefore, such people will retaliate with a violent political message.

    The fact that we encouraged and financed regimes to oppress their own people seems to elude most of those who think in black and white and who think the answer to the problem is to kill every Muslim (but bigots will remain bigots even if Muslims did back flips).

    When pushed far enough people will resist and their resistance will be brutal. The most brutal resistance movements occur under occupation and they are a historical fact, from the Algerian revolution, to the Palestinian resistance against a nuclear power, to the Lebanese resistance against the same nuclear power, to the Iraqi resistance against the largest nuclear power, to the Vietnamese resistance against the largest nuclear power, to the Afghan resistance against the USSR, another large nuclear power (see a pattern here?), to the settler resistance before the founding of the USA, to the American Revolution. All were brutal forms of warfare inflicted by all sides.

    Too bad we never learn from history and we continue to hate people for who they are: Muslim, black, gay, female, communists, and people with a different opinion. What are people expected to do, kiss the hand of the people occupying them?

    Maybe if we treated people decently for a change, we might be pleasantly surprised (well, at least the decent non-bigoted people might).

    And to the bright bulb again: The Crusades are over, except in the minds of bigots who are still living in the realm of Armageddon.

    I guess all the Muslim “females”, as you put it, are ALL SHAKING IN THEIR BOOTS in fear of such awesome intelligence and wit. They’re all waiting for those handcuffs, all 4 million of them.

    I can write in caps too if I want.

  23. Victory over islam
    August 11, 2007 at 4:25 am

    We will not leave the middle east until those animals are tamed.
    Deal with it.
    You islamo wackos messed with the wrong country, and now you will suffer decades of punishment for it until you wilt to our demands and way of life. And that life is living civilized and free.
    Relax…really! You’ll enjoy it once you stop your temper tantrum.
    Now go take a nap.

  24. Rich from Paso
    August 11, 2007 at 5:25 am

    While just about everything Marilyn said is historically accurate (to a degree and from a certain point of view) she still refuses to speak out against the terrorists. She seems to say that the acts of terrorism that the muslims have perpetrated are justified due to the disparity of power between the camel herding, peace loving Arab people and the nuclear powers of the world. That is her way of tacitly approving of the acts of 9/11. Her rationale is that if the US wasn’t so big and powerful, then the forces would be even and they wouldn’t have to resort to terrorism. Or if the US wasn’t so big, we wouldn’t be there in the first place, thus the camel herds could herd their camels in peace. If the Arab world is arbitrarily draw, then let’s go back and redraw the map. Saudi Arabia would lose Mecca and Medina to the Hassimite Kingdom, currently in Jordan. Iran would be Iran. Kudistan would be at war with Turkey the second that country sprang back into existance. Syria would reaborb Lebanon. Israel would be Isreal because that nation, a kingdom actually, existed long before any of the tribes in the area formed a nation-state. Iraq would be no more and a part of palestine that is now Jordan. But do you actually think for a second any of that matters today? DO you honestly think that the Saudi royal family will give up their power to set things right? Or Turkey? That history lesson only serves to tell us how we got here, it doesn’t tell us where to go from here.

    But when in the history of the world has suicide bombing been justified for any reason? When have non-combatants been considered viable targets? I know what you’ll say “What about the firebombings of Dresden, Tokyo and the nukes dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?” One, those were cases of total war. The Germans bombed the shit out of London for almost a year and the Brits were seeking retribution. General LeMay was a parriah for his bombing tactics over Japan. The nukes have unleashed the nuclear genie and the world has had to deal with it since. However, there are 30 million Americans and Japanese that are alive today because we dropped those bombs on Japan.

    Isreal’s democracy is no different than Great Britain’s. They have an unwritten constitution but have a weak monarchy and all of the institutions of democracy. Egypt supposedly has elections and whatnot but Mobarak has managed to win every election for the past 20 years. Where is the democracy when only one man runs? Furthermore, Iran has Sharia law as the law of the land. Where are their institutions of dmocracy under Sharia law? They don’t exist. What little there is is a sham. Aquavelvanijad was selected by the Immams. Iranians have a deep thirst for the same freedoms that Marilyn is very comfortable taking for granted.

    Too bad Marilyn doesn’t speak out against the abuses Muslim men perpetrate every day on Muslim women. Must be nice to be able to take the Birka off and walk around free to do whatever you want when Musslim women all over the Middle East don’t have 1/10th the freedoms Marilyn enjoys. How many women voted in Iraq before the US invasion? Answer: None of them. Does Marilyn eat in the back room like a good Muslim woman when male guests are in the house? I seriously doubt it. I have been in Arab homes where I never met the wife because she was hidden in the backroom. Does Marilyn walk behind her sons three steps like a good Muslim woman? I doubt that too. Marilyn, you are clearly a woman very comfortable in your hypocracy. You rail against America for all its evils yet you are silent to the plight of Muslim women, no different than you except for the fact that you live in the US and they don’t. Do you care that 80% of Muslim women in Afghanistan are heroine addicts? Obviously not or else you wouldn’t spend so much time bitching about Isreal and the US. We may buy the shit, but it is other “good” Muslims that grow it, process it, package it and ship it to the US.

    I have spoke with many Arabs and they have pretty much come to realize that Isreal is a fact of life that will not change. They have put down their hate. Too bad Marilyn can’t do the same.

    Bottom line: while Marilyn does understand the history of her region, she misinterprets the messages of the past. She claims that past trasgretions are the rationale and justification for future conflict. But the “eye for and eye” mentality just ends up leaving both people blind. If the Islamic Fundamentalists had the capability to live in peace, they would. The cowards that run Al Qaida find thousands of poor, ignorant easily gullable fools to go blow themselves up for old men too smart and too cowardly to put their money (and their lives) where their mouths are. Marilyn is a spokesperson for these cowardly old men through her silence on the crimes they commit against humanity every day.

  25. Hoosier21
    August 11, 2007 at 7:49 am

    Marilyn, I think many people understand the “root” of the problem. It is that we are non believers. Jihad has been going on since the cult was formed in 620 and is continuing today. They have been murdering non believers for 1400 years. One can not extract the root of the problem without demise of Islam or radical changes to the Quran. Below is a link to a very long website that has a very good history of Islam. The site is co-ordinated by Robin MacArthur with Mahomet Mostapha and Naim al Khoury, New Jersey.
    Other contributors to this site include professors and members of the faculty from the Universities of Stanford and Michigan (Ann Arbor), Kansas State University, Ohio State University,and the London School of Economics.

    Although this is long, I do recommend reading.

  26. Rich from Paso
    August 11, 2007 at 8:52 am

    The one thing that has not happened to Islam that has happened to Christianity is that Islam has not had a Reformation. Whereas the Catholic Church found a counterpoint in the Protestant faith, there has not been an equal to the ultra-conservative, absolute adherence to Sharia Law and Islam. What you have today are the Ultra-consertative types as typified by the Wahabbists and just non-practicing Muslims. The later believe in Islam, they just don’t pray the accepted five times a day, they may drink alcohol and their women walk around without the traditional head scarfs. There is no competing ideology in with the strict adherence of Islam; either you believe it or you don’t. With the Protestant sects you have an third option to Catholicism or not. Also, the Protestant reformation deluted the power of the church with the creation of lay priests and the introduction of mass-produced literature and the wide spread teaching of reading of the Bible by individuals. With the reformation, the general education of the people increased as the power of the Catholic Church decreased. A Islamic Reformation would dilute the power of the immams everywhere and open up the Muslim faith to the 21st century world. If Islam would figure out that third alternative, that wouldgo along way to moderate the extremists, IMHO.

  27. the ghost of christmas past
    August 11, 2007 at 1:44 pm

    Just to add my two cents here, but… One other shortcoming of Islam is that, unlike the Catholic Church or the Eastern Orthodox Church, there is no one person that speaks for the sect. You have a thousand Imams preaching a thousand different interpretations of the Koran. The Catholic Church has its fair share of troubles, buggering little boys just being one of them, but at least the religious philosophy of the church is set by one man, the Pope. Since there is no spokesperson for the prophet to Allah, like the way the Pope is the spokesperson for God and Jesus, there is no efficient way to affect change to the preachings of radicla imams that get their believers to blow up women and children and die in the process all for 71 virgins. As an aside, the 71 virgins is again another sexist hallmark of Islam. Why do they have to be virgins? Is paradise for Muslim men deflowering girls? How do you feel about that, Marilyn? Do these virgins exist outside of the women that already exist on the planet? Do abortions provide the virgins that would have become babies had they gone full term? If so, that’s disgusting, having sex with aborted babies. You’re going to have to provide some insight on that 71 virgins thing because it makes absolutely no sense to me.

  28. Rich from Paso
    August 11, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    A little historical perspective here. Newt Gingrich, ever the historian, is actually talking about WWII here with the “Phony War” reference. Here is a link to a website that talks about the period of time between Nazi Germany’s conquest of Poland and the invasion of France and the Lowlands. This time period is marked with minor skirmishes and generally no total war. There were actually people, Nazi Germany included, that were talking peace. One can only assume that Hitler was using the peace talks the same way he used it with the Russians. Anyhow, Newt is talking about how after 9/11, we are fighting Islamic Fundamentalism, but not really. It is not the total war on terrorism that it was billed it would be when Bush spoke to Congress. Bottom line, I was right now here is the historical context to prove it.

  29. all muslims out of the usa now
    August 11, 2007 at 4:45 pm

    Marilyn is a 2-faced islamo fascist terrorist. She proves it every time she diatribes here. She can’t hide the fact that she supports islamo terror in any way, shape or form as long as it is against the infidels.
    Her presence here only proves that not only does she mock us by plowing her head through the public tax trough for a living and retirement, it proves her purpose here is pure unadulterated propaganda.
    What is amazing is how many like Bob & Dave buy it hook line and sinker!
    Bright so called intelligent men bowing to the sob story of a person that would just as soon cut off their heads than to condemn terrorism.
    We need to deport all muslims now. Stop any and all migrations from any muslim country.
    We are fighting a sick, twisted and perverted religion that is the scourge of the planet.
    Only when that religion is put down along with all who believe in it are we safe.
    The world must be rid of all islam & those that support it’s sick perverted theology.
    Even this radical left blog is disgusted with marilyn and her insanity. How ironic that she calls herself a mental health care nurse…So perfectly fitting for any liar of the muslim faith.

  30. we will never forget 9-11
    August 11, 2007 at 9:46 pm

    You see marilyn, it’s really quite simple.

    We will never forget 9-11-01.

    And to us it doesn’t matter where we fight you, or for how long, nor how much it costs.
    we don’t care what weeklings say, nor cowards nor ploititions.

    We will never forget 9-11-01.

    and we will bring the battle to you no matter where you run, no matter what you do or say, nor what the pathetic lawyers do either.

    We will extract our pund of flesh!
    You will suffer for a very long time
    This lesson will be learned the hard way…hard enough for generations of your kind of hate to come.

    The lesson is this: You just messed with the wrong country. And you will pay dearly, and for a very long time.

    You see my lost lil muslim, Americans hate you and your kind. That may never change. But remeber this as you walk in shame of your race and religion…Our pound of flesh weighs a lot more than 16 ounces. The weight will be born by all of you, now and over time. You will pray to your allah for it to stop to no avail.

    I say what most feel and are afraid to say. You can take your foot baths and shove em up your patoot!

    You will pay the price of your hate and evil for a very very long time.

    so be it. so it will be.

  31. Dr Larry Fairness
    August 12, 2007 at 2:22 am

    The more Marilyn blogs the easier it is to understand her.

  32. God bless america's soldiers
    August 12, 2007 at 2:59 am

    The cowardice lefties wear the badge of shame now as the 2 writers from their beloved Brookings Institute (2 Radical left leaning war haters) visited Iraq and admit that in fact the surge is working and that indeed we may win this war on terror. Even Dave’s beloved New York Times article was entitled the same. (but you won’t see him copy-n-paste that article here!)

    The tides have turned and American opinion polls are headed upwards (New York Times Poll) as Americans now see that we can and are winning this war.

    It took a strong and dedicated great American President to see our national destiny and stay the course.

    This will back fire on all the war hating weaklings that doubted our President and our incredibly brave men & women fighting for our freedom.

    Watch em try to spin our inevitable victory now…Watch them in their shame and humiliation.

    God bless America, our brave courageous President, and may God bless the men and women of our military and their families. Not one has died in vain. God’s speed my brave friends…God’s speed!

  33. the ghost of christmas past
    August 13, 2007 at 7:27 am

    George Washignton was NOT a terrorist; he was clearly leading an insurection that became a revolution. Terrorists do not use paramilitary training, tactic or doctrine; insurecttionists do. George Washington was an officer in the British Army before becoming the commanding general for the Continental Army. he trained his men using the training doctrine provided by von Steuben. Terrrorists have no probloem attacking civilians and actually believe that the terror attacking civilians spawns furthers their cause. Insurectionsist abhore attacking civilians because they need the popular support of the civilian population for legitimacy. There was no incidents of the Continental Army attacking civilian targets and Washington took great pains to keep the fighting out of the cities when he could. The sneak attack on Trenton where Washington and his men crossed the Deleware River caught the Hessians total by surprise, minimizing combat and casualties. Terrorists do not have clearly defined objectives, they are driven by ideology that is almost impossible for the focus of terrorists to address (no non-believers in Muslim holy-lands); insurrectionists have a clearly defined end-state they are wishing to achieve (an America free of the influence of Great Britain).

    I just caught this as I was re-reading marilyn’s post. Shame on you, marilyn, for even trying to compare Washington, a great man, to the maggot infested piece of shit terrorists you support.

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