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MoveOn vs. Fox News

We had a good start to the week on Monday. I hope people will rally around Paul Loomis down in rural Arroyo Grande and let him continue Fort Hope as a refuge for disabled and inner city children. Thanks to Mike Zimmerman for dropping by and making the case. It’s too bad that a few neighbors don’t appreciate the difference Pat and all the other volunteers are making at the unique day camp. The Supes will take it up a week from today; email them, please, and urge them to uphold the planning commission and allow Fort Hope to continue. Check out the podcast if you want to hear the original interview.

Also, always good to have Jeff Bliss from the Hoover Institution at Stanford join us. I’ve added Jeff to the mix to balance out Larry Martinez a bit. Larry leans left; Jeff leans right, but they’re both sharp and articulate and make great guests.

With Jeff, we discussed several topics, but we honed in on what’s going on with MoveOn.org, the extreme liberal political activist group. They’ve decided to target advertisers on Fox News, especially Home Depot. MO has made a list of all TV advertisers (don’t know about radio) and have started a national campaign to get people to boycott Fox sponsors.

I don’t like this idea. As I told Jeff last night, I draw a distinction between actions and ideas. When I read about the allegations surrounding NFL quarterback Michael Vick, I wanted Nike and the others to drop him. His behavior was disgusting and now even his friends are coming forward to rat on him. I have no problem with pressuring Nike to walk away and I even signed a petition.

But it is wrong to organize a boycott based on disagreement with political ideas, with political thought. Fox News has committed no crime. They provide a different slant on the news. Nobody forces you to watch Fox. If you don’t like Fox, then don’t watch them. But don’t go after their advertisers and try to supress free speech. That’s not right.

  1. Guy Murray
    July 31, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    But don’t go after their advertisers and try to supress free speech. That’s not right.


    The speech is still free; but, like all speech, it comes with consequences. Governments, not people engage in unlawful speech suppression.

  2. crazy like Fox
    July 31, 2007 at 4:57 pm

    I’ll be sure to go by Home Depot today and spend some bucks.

  3. Downtown Bob
    July 31, 2007 at 6:31 pm

    Economic boycotts hardly ever get the desired results, just ask Bill O’Reilly how his boycott of all things French is going. I generally agree with most of what Move-On says and does, but I don’t think this boycott is going to make a difference. As for Home Despot, the principle owner is an avid right wing supporter and will probably increase his advertising dollars to Fox News just piss of Move-On even more. I try to avoid going into Home Depot as much as possible, but Hayward and Pacific Home don’t have as much selection or as good of pricing on most things. I would root for Lowe’s coming here to San Luis, but that seems to play into supporting Ernie Dalidio; supporting political ideology through your dollars spent is not always possible.

  4. laffingmyassoffatlibs
    July 31, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    Since when has right or wrong stopped any liberal from “taking” what they want?

    They are like 12 year old girls with an attitude!

    If they can’t stop talk radio with the Unfairness doctrine they will do by hook or crook (witch they learned from Bubba and his lezbo wife!)

    This is laughable! Libs trying to shut down the truth…what’s next?

  5. protect the women
    July 31, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    Bob said:
    “I would root for Lowe’s coming here to San Luis”

    Now that’s funny! because Lowes markets to women between 24-45.
    About 70% of Lowes biz comes from women…and now the woman hater wants a store full of targets!

    go figure!

  6. vote republican or else
    July 31, 2007 at 9:29 pm

    “If you don’t read the newspaper
    you are uninformed, if you do
    read the newspaper you are
    Mark Twain

    Suppose you were an idiot.
    And suppose you were a member of Congress….
    But then I repeat myself.
    -Mark Twain

    I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is
    like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.
    -Winston Churchill

    A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
    -.George Bernard Shaw

    A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.
    -G Gordon Liddy

    Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.
    -James Bovard, Civil Libertarian (1994)

    Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.
    -Douglas Casey, Classmate of Bill Clinton at Georgetown University

    Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.
    -P.J. O’Rourke, Civil Libertarian

    Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.
    -Frederic Bastiat, French Economist (1801-1850)

    Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
    -Ronald Reagan (1986)

    I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.
    -Will Rogers

    If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free!
    -P.J. O’Rourke

    In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other.
    -Voltaire (1764)

    Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you!
    -Pericles (430 B.C.)

    No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.
    -Mark Twain (1866)

    Talk is cheap…except when Congress does it.

    The government is like a baby’s alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other.
    -Ronald Reagan

    The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the
    blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.
    -Winston Chur chill

    The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin.
    -Mark Twain

    The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.
    -Herbert Spencer, English Philosopher (1820-1903)

    There is no distinctly Native American criminal class…save Congress.
    -Mark Twain

    What this country needs are more unemployed politicians.
    -Edward Langley, Artist (1928 – 1995)

    A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
    -Thomas Jefferson

  7. the ghost of christmas past
    July 31, 2007 at 11:45 pm

    All you Home Depot haters like Bob here need to get a toehold back in reality. Truth is that Home Depot does more to hire military veterans than almost all of the retailers combined. Then they are forced by law to build shades for illegal alien daylaborers and Home Depot is forced by law to not kick the loiterers off their premises. If Home Depot wants to advertise on the number one cable news network in America, then they are just exercising smart business sense. I want to gather a list of businesses that George Soros is invested in and boycott them. George Soros is an anti-american nazi scumbag that is personally doing everythign he can to destroy our political system. Every politician that says they want to get the “money out of politics” is lined up with their hand out to take the millions Soros is pouring in to buy off our politicians. I don’t even believe he is an American. I believe he still holds Hungarian citizenship. George Soros is BAD for America because he is purposefully polarizing this country with his money. Money he hides in off-shore accounts so he doesn’t have to pay “his fair share” of taxes. To hell with George Soros and his Moveon.org minions. The sooner we pass a constitutional amendment banning all contributions, direct or indirect, to our representatives, the sooner George Soros can go back to currency speculation, bond manipulation and short selling. A pure scumbag.

  8. Bob Sr
    August 1, 2007 at 12:01 am

    George Soros v Rup Murdoch
    Dave Congalton v Rush Limbaugh
    Gay v Conservative
    Islamic terrorist v World
    Who’s going to win?

  9. Shawno
    August 1, 2007 at 12:12 am

    I’m not a fan of Fox News. But this boycott idea is dumb.

  10. dumb liberal
    August 1, 2007 at 12:59 am

    A woman in a hot air balloon realizes she is lost. She lowers her altitude and spots a man fishing from a boat below.

    She shouts to him, “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a
    friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.”

    The man consults his portable GPS and replies, “You’re in a hot air
    balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

    She rolls her eyes and says, “You must be a Republican!”

    “I am,” replies the man. “How did you know?”

    “Well,” answers the balloonist, “.everything you tell me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to do with your information, and I’m still lost. Frankly, you’re not much help to me.”

    The man smiles and responds, “You must be a Democrat.”

    “I am,” replies the balloonist. “How did you know?”

    “Well,” says the man,
    “You don’t know where you are or where you’re going. You’ve risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise that you have no idea how to keep, and now you expect me
    to solve your problem. You’re in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but, somehow, now it’s my fault.”

  11. moveon died today
    August 1, 2007 at 1:36 am

    C’mon! Get real! Lil ol’ Moveon against Bill Oreilly? Gimme a break!
    That’s like a fire cracker against a nuclear bomb.
    Boycott away you fools. Home Depot is for people that work hard enough to own a home…not for renters.
    Not that moveon wasn’t the laughing stock before this…This just ended their minute credibility with the likes of the libs on this blog.
    Thank God conservatives don’t act this way.

  12. fairness monitor
    August 1, 2007 at 1:59 am

    Bob again:

    “I would root for Lowe’s coming here to San Luis, but that seems to play into supporting Ernie Dalidio”

    Way to check yourself Bob.
    Hard to support individual landowners and big companies at the same time.

  13. hard to think original thoughts
    August 1, 2007 at 3:37 am

    Bob, in real life is there a target on your back also?

    You just never quit saying the most rediculous things. Do you think first? Is that really what you meant to say?

    Or was this your forray into to trying to think for yourself and you failed?

    Maybe it would be better stick to copy-n-paste.

    Nice try though…I did chukle

  14. Billy D
    August 1, 2007 at 4:23 am

    downtown bob you can boycott those places all yuo want I dont go to slo downtown so in a since im boycotting you I think slo downtown sucks and I have lived there all my life traffic parking it sucks you should get in on the dilado deal.
    moveOn is a joke ” Economic boycotts hardly ever get the desired results” I bet if yougave the name of your store it wouldnt be a joke

  15. Anonymous
    August 1, 2007 at 5:37 am

    Hey Bob, Sr.

    “Gay vs. conservative”??????

    Like there are no conservative homosexuals.

  16. Anonymous
    August 1, 2007 at 6:40 am

    There were some conservative homosexuals until Foley and Haggard were exposed and driven out by the liberals.

  17. michael d
    August 2, 2007 at 12:53 am

    I think it is funny that you talk about free speech when you don’t allow it yourself. Every time I have heard you interview Lois Capps on your show you NEVER allow anyone to ask her a hard ball question. You seem to protect her by cutting off those who asks a question with real substance. It it always light and easy with softball mush.

    She represents us in Washington and needs to be held accountable for how she votes. Just because you don’t agree with someones question, doesn’t give you the right to monitor their personal concerns and freedom to ask the tough questions.

    This would make you a hypocrite.

  18. the ghost of christmas past
    August 2, 2007 at 1:31 am

    No, Michael, it is his show and might makes right. He can delete whoever he wants because this is his blog. He can allow only creampuff and softball questions of Rep Capps (who has proved to be as worthless as nipples on men as our Representative) because it is his show and I’m sure he wants to the good Rep. to want to come back on his show. Same goes for Rep. McCarthy. He freely admits he does the same thing with SM Bill, but letting him prattle on and on with his Bush-hating conspiracy theorys and bunk. I’m sure Dave will tell you that if you don’t like it, there are other places to go on the web or AM dial. Does that change the fact that Dave appears hypocritical when does it? No, but since he controls the content of his products (the show and the blog) he is well within his rights.

  19. Bob Sr
    August 2, 2007 at 2:52 am

    Just because you have a “R” next to your name it does make you a conservative. Look at Bush, he’s almost a liberal

  20. Downtown Bob
    August 2, 2007 at 2:57 am

    fairness monitor: You’re right, I did not quite state my view as concisely as I could have. Let me try again: “I would root for Lowe’s coming to San Luis, but that seems to play into supporting Ernie Dalidio’s flawed project.”

    That is what I meant to convey. I have no animosity towards Mr. Dalidio, and, he should be able to develop his land; the current project is not compatible to San Luis Obispo because it does not mitigate traffic concerns enough, and he does not seem to be in touch with reality concerning the cost of the Prado Road interchange. I don’t think he realizes how much better his project could be, and how much he really needs to be annexed into the city so he can benefit from city services.

    The former CEO of Home Depot was a staunch supporter of conservative causes, and as such was the driving force behind the advertising dollars being spent on Fox News. He is now gone, and that is what has opened up the discussion about pressuring Home Depot to stop advertising on Fox. Will it work? I for one doubt it.

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