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New Times Readers Say We’re One of the Best

We received word yesterday that this blog has received an award. The readers of New Times have selected us as being one of the Top Three Local Blogs in their annual Best Of poll. Thanks to everyone who voted for us and thanks to all of you anonymous, or otherwise, who continue to read and contribute to this blog. It sure has been an emotional rollercoaster during this first year as we covered so many issues, but I remain pleased overall with the dialogue that takes place here 24/7.

Also, glad to have my sidekick Tom Madsen participating more in this blog. Tom will be posting comments from time to time as “Thomas W” and we welcome his comments here just as we do on the show.

Next Edna Valley Market lunch is scheduled for Monday, April 30th and we’ll start signing people up today on the show. Tom is working on another big bus trip and we hope to have something to announce towards the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s show was pretty wide-ranging and often bloody, but it held up pretty good. Glad to have Leslie Halls back with us. Leslie is truly a compassinate conservative. She has a big heart, but hates taxes of any kind and she explained why she thought the city of SLO should lower their so-called “apartment tax.” We also spilled into a discussion of local mass transit and why the majority of people (including me) will never give up our cars. Apparently the city and county and trying to squeeze us on to mass transit by limiting parking spaces at new buildings, but that won’t work.

A major part of the program featured Dr. Larry Martinez, in studio, to analyze the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the EPA and its likely impact on consumers and the larger global warming fight. Larry, who has spent a great deal of time abroad, says Europe and other nations wonder why we’re so slow on the global warming issue. We also spilled into the topic of talk radio and how hosts like Sean and Rush downplay global warming and that led to a lively exchange between Larry and Matt Kokkonen about the issue of proof and how you accept what someone is saying.

Don’t forget the magicians at the Clark Center Thursday night. Still good tickets left. There will be an Earth Wine and Food celebration in Paso Robles on Saturday, April 21st. Earth Day in Paso? And those bestselling authors from the “End of Days” series will be at the Parable in SLO on Thursday night. They’ve sold 44 million copies of their books so they must know their stuff.

Wednesday on Hometown Radio: What’s happening at the airport, property rights in the county and Michele D. looks at the latest out of Washington.

Don’t forget to check out our podcast if you miss any of these segments.

  1. Nick
    April 4, 2007 at 3:51 pm

    Dave and Tom,

    Thanks for the lovely lunch at Edna Valley Market on Monday. Enjoyed meeting you and the food was really good. I’ll go back, but, like you, I’ll drive my car. No way I’ll shift to public transportation!

  2. Shawn
    April 7, 2007 at 3:54 am

    Congratulations on taking top blog honors, Dave. I just started a new blog of my own that will contain a lot of local-interest stuff.
    If anyone’s interested. Thanks!

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