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A Voice From Iraq

On Monday at 6:05, we will have a special guest on Hometown Radio. Air Force staff sergeant Christopher Garcia, who is from the Central Coast, is currently stationed in Iraq. He will call in and discuss what he feels is being accomplished over there and take your phone calls. Obviously there will be some topics Chris will choose not to discuss.

But I am glad to have this opportunity to hear directly from someone “over there.” The Dave Congalton Show remains committed to showcasing a wide variety of voices on Iraq and other topics. Many of you were upset with the three Iraq veterans who appeared in SLO afew weeks ago. Well, here’s a chance to hear a different voice. So, tune in and call in for Chris Garcia.

By the way, at 5:05, Janice Somers will discuss the support group for local military families that she and others have organized. Janice was a nurse in Viet Nam and has firsthand experience to share.

Should be a good show.

  1. Anonymous
    March 11, 2007 at 11:40 pm

    If he’s calling over from Iraq, he probably won’t be able to speak his mind. He’ll toe the official line.

  2. Anonymous
    March 12, 2007 at 3:23 am

    So will Dave be as nice to this brave soldier as he was to those three chickenshits from before? I doubt it.

  3. Marilyn
    March 12, 2007 at 4:44 am

    Anyone who speaks their mind based on what their conscience dictates despite the hatred and ridicule is no chickenshit. They are heroes of conscience. The chickenshits are the ones who anonymously hurl insults at the men and women who risked their lives defending the right of every American citizen to exercise their right to be a potential jerk.

  4. Joseph
    March 12, 2007 at 4:55 am

    I would prefer that this soldier be in the studio at KVEC speaking to us, safe at home, instead of being in a useless war.

    Bring the troops home now!!!

  5. golfingslo
    March 12, 2007 at 4:57 am

    Anonymos post #1…Why do you have a closed mind and think this soldier won’t speak in his own words? You give the impression that if this person says things that you do not want to belive, you will claim that they are “toeing the official line”, what ever that is. You must not have any family members in the middle east or you would know that they will talk in their own words and how they see things. I am always amazed by people that claim someone must not be telling the truth if they are saying something you do not belive or want to hear. And Marilyn, why do you even acknowledge Anonymous post #2?

  6. Anonymous
    March 12, 2007 at 5:32 am

    Those three full-o-crapola chickenshits are just that — and here’s why: They did their job over there (I guess) and now they’re safe. But thousands of thier colleagues remain in harm’s way and what do these three do? They travel around the country undermining the war effort, stirring up opposition and deflating morale.

    If they don’t like the war, fine. But have them keep their frigging mouths shut so as not to endanger the ones left behind.

    Sure I believe in free speech, but there’s a time and a place for everything. I have no respect for those three, because they obviously have no respect for their President or their colleagues.

  7. Anonymous
    March 12, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    No amount of backpeddaling will ever errase the disgrace those chickenshits did for the credibilty of the show.
    Nive try, but a day late and dollar short!
    The truth is known. This political correctness is an obvious ploy to regain the vast amount of lost ground.

  8. Dave Congalton
    March 12, 2007 at 4:30 pm

    I certainly understand and appreciate the lingering resentment from the three Iraq veterans who were on my show.

    They obviously touched a nerve — and still do. It’s one thing for Michele or Code Pink to question the war–those you can dismiss. But when three soldiers come on, men who have been there, and they question the war, well, somehow I’ve crossed a line.

    That particular issue was very tough for people and Jerry took it up several notches when he tried to block their appearances at local schools. In short, this blog became a microcosm for the debate over the war itself. People became very frayed, very quickly.

    But I make no apologies for booking that show, even if it means that some of our conservative friends decide to go play elsewhere. As I noted elsewhere in a response to Rich, it’s got to be tough these days to defend Bush, especially with everything happening just this month from Walter Reed to the federal prosecutor firings. This is a White House crumbling.

    Having Sgt. Garcia tonight is merely consistent with our policy on the show. Those three vets asked to be on and we said yes. The Air Force asked us to book Sgt. Garcia and we said yes. If any of you would like to come on and discuss the war, I’ll say yes.

    So I know that emotions continue to run high and that makes me sad. But I will continue to blog and share my thoughts. Join me if you want and see if we can’t have some kind of dialogue.

  9. Julie G.
    March 12, 2007 at 4:32 pm

    I am a personal childhood friend of Chris Garcia. He and I have contact weekly via email and he is very direct about what he has seen and what he is feeling. He is doing his job as assigned. We, as his community, whether we support this war or not, must support him.
    Behind every soldier is someones son or daughter. Behind every soldier is the citizen of a community. He is our community soldier and I ask you all to be kind to him.

  10. Anonymous
    March 12, 2007 at 5:14 pm

    I’m a huge Santa Maria Bill fan and would love to see him phone in and debate this guy

  11. Ken T.
    March 12, 2007 at 7:20 pm

    Twenty bucks says Santa Maria Bill never wore the uniform — at least not on our side!

  12. Anonymous
    March 12, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    OH…you mean KING HARRIS??

  13. Puncho
    March 12, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    A question asked?
    At Fort Benning, soldiers who were classified as medically unfit to fight are now being sent to war. Is this an isolated incident or a trend? Has any of you seen this story? Thanks Dave for the great job you and Tom are doing

  14. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    March 13, 2007 at 3:29 am

    I have been very discouraged with dave and his show lately to be very honest. Every night there is some subject that is just down on conservatives. Dave and his guest seem to leave out important inconvenient truths such as Ann Coulter was telling a joke in comparing what would (and did) happen if you use the word that she did. The incident that she referenced was with the guy from Grey’s Anatomy that called some guy a faggot and then checked himself into rehab like the Cramer guy.

    How many shows has Dave done about William Jefferds from New Orleans that had 100K of bribe money in his freezer and was re-elected? What about the shady land deals of Harry Reid? What about the truth that Nancy Pelosi wanted a bigger plane to fly around in. A G-V gulfstream can fly coast to coast)

    What about Barney Frank and a call-boy operation being run out of his house by his boyfriend and he didn’t know? What about Nancy Pelosi walking side by side with the PRESIDENT of the Man Boy Love Association? What about the fact that the page scandal boys were over 18?

    How about some commentary of Hillary when she breaks into a Fake and pandering voice to do what?

    What about a show considering Harry Bellafonte and his comments that Colin Powell and Condi Rice are Black House Slaves What a sicko.

    Do you think Dave will talk about any of this because it will expose the corruption of the left, the deception of the public? I doubt it.

  15. Bob from San Luis
    March 13, 2007 at 4:56 am

    New Tone: So, you are “very discouraged with Dave and his show lately..”; you are missing the point of Dave’s show coming on after Rush and Sean – he doesn’t need to parrot the right wing spin going on. I sincerely hope that Rep. Jefferson of Louisiana is fully investigated and brought to justice if he is guilty; you know, innocent until proven guilty. As for the rest of your litany of corruption against Democrats, smoke and mirrors meant to deflect criticism of all the failed policies and blunders of the Bush Administration. The latest? Link here to the story puncho asked about up-thread concerning the military sending injured soldiers back into Iraq. Walter Reed, the firing of federal prosecutors; the sheer volume of scandals by this administration is mind numbing. New Tone, if you feel the need to point out dishonesty, why don’t you investigate the Bush Administration?

  16. tim in morro bay
    March 13, 2007 at 5:08 am

    excellent post Marilyn. you speak the truth. thanks for staying strong with all the problems back in your home country. i was very impressed with the way you dealt with badgering racist jerry from arizona.

  17. Dave Congalton
    March 13, 2007 at 5:41 am

    New Tone,

    What’s the deal with you? I gave TWO HOURS tonight to separate segments on supporting the troops. I let a soldier from Iraq have an hour to say whatever was on his mind. I didn’t debate him. I didn’t challenge him. I let him have the microphone.

    And you get on my case over Ann Coulter??????? I haven’t brought up her attack on Edwards. I don’t care about her at all and wouldn’t waste my show discussing her. You’re welcome to appear on my show ANYTIME to raise any of these other issues.

    And thanks Bob for coming to my rescue and pointing out the obvious one more time. KVEC offers SIX HOURS of right wing conservative programming every day. From time to time I merely like to balance the playing field.

    Why are you so afraid of hearing a different point of view?

  18. Anonymous
    March 13, 2007 at 6:11 am

    I think Dave…the “deal ” is that you are supposed to be “Hometown Radio”….and NOT just an anti Rush & Sean show. The fact that KVEC chooses to have their show on the air…does not mean that YOU have to be the ANTI of their shows. Their shows are on other stations as well….YOU are letting your politics and their shows dictate your show.

    The two segments tonight were good…a beginning…but I could still HEAR your wish to find fault somehow in their message…though you were polite. You did ask a few questions that you were hoping would be answered in another way…must have made you crazy.

    In my opinion, it was about time we heard this side of things….sure would be nice to have more balance than what has been going on lately.

    I was very impressed with our Hometown Hero…and I look forward to us all giving him our total support. He makes me proud to be an American!

    Remember Dave….your show is a LOCAL show….and we expect more balance than you have been giving us….Otherwise, change the format & just be a solo anti Rush & Sean show….no guests..no local stuff…just your own personal hate for all things Conservative.

    The show today was good in my opinion…a good start at repairing the damage that your bias has effected. I only hope this was not a “token” other side, just so you can say…we did have that show…..

  19. Dave Congalton
    March 13, 2007 at 7:42 am

    Hey Anonymous —

    Your posting tonight suggests you’re an infrequent listener at best. Otherwise, you would have heard the numerous segments I’ve given over the years to supporters of the war.

    I’ve had Cathy Baker on at least twice to promote what she is doing for the troops and Si has also been on at least twice to promote his efforts. I’ve given him more exposure than any other media outlet in the county. I have never turned down a request from any organization wanting airtime for their efforts to help the troops.

    And how do you thank me for this? With your simplistic attempt at psychoanalysis, trying to suggest that I was forcing myself to be polite tonight and disappointed/frustrated in the answers. What a joke. Ask Janice Somers about how she was treated tonight — how I insisted that they have an entire hour for their segment and that they stick aorund FOR A SECOND HOUR to talk to Chris.

    Meanwhile, check the records of my shows and I’ve given time to Conservative Bob and Matt K. and Chris Ahrend and Rich from Paso and Larry Davis, all mounting very sincere defense of the war and this President. I have given more time to more opposing points of view than any talk show host you can identify.

    But once again all you can do is chastise me and take my words out of context. I never said that I’m merely the anti-Rush and Sean show. What I said is that KVEC already provides six hours of right wing conservative rhetoric every weekday afternoon. I like to balance the playing field and let the other side have the microphone.

    So I repeat my question: Why are you so afraid of hearing a different point of view?

    I understand your personal attacks on me — it’s pure Sean Hannity. You can’t defend this war. You can’t defend this President. Everything he touches — from Iraq to Katrina to Walter Reed — is a disaster.

    If I were you, I’d hide my identity and attack me, too. Your options are certainly limited.

    Go Obama!

  20. Dave Congalton
    March 13, 2007 at 8:02 am

    Here is the contact information for Chris Garcia:

    SSGT Christopher L. Garcia, USAF
    506th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron – Bravo Unit
    Kirkuk Air Base, Iraq
    APO AE 09359


  21. Marilyn
    March 13, 2007 at 9:07 am

    Thanks Tim. I guess it is difficult for people to know what it is like unless they’ve been there. I hope that everyone remembers that this coming Saturday is the commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Blowin’ in the Wind are still looking for people to carry the prayer flags in a vigil, one for each soldier killed, all 3,195 of them.

    That, of course, is in addition to the 65,000 Iraqis killed.

    Hope you can all make it.

  22. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    March 14, 2007 at 12:29 am

    Dave, you did have a show about Ann with the “language Maestro”.

    I do not listen much to Rush since I am usually busy during that time. Hannity….he repeats the same thing too many times.

    Lets look at the good and the bad with both political parties that are common in our society. Lets recognize that divisions, deep divisions have been a part of the process since this country was founded and lets listen to both sides and consider. I guess I get tired of people saying Bush this and Bush that when this stuff has been happening forever. It is part of our country.

    Recently, I was reading about the tragedy of the USS Indianapolis. It was towards the end of the war, and a Jap sub sunk the heavy cruiser. The men were left in the water for about 5 days. Almost 900 men died to exposure, sharks, and the initial blast.

    Since the war was over, the press no longer had restrictions on it and the whole country knew all about the disaster. The captain was eventually court marshaled due to public pressure. Even the Jap sub commander testified that no matter what the Indy’s captain would have done, he would have still been able to sink the ship. The captain of the Indy never forgave himself for the incident and blew his brains out in 1968 on his from porch.

    Out of the 1000’s of ships that were lost to the enemy during WWII, he was the only one prosecuted.

    The way I see it, the war in Iraq is under the same microscope as the sinking of the Indy. War is never pretty, orderly, or well planned. People can always look back and find something wrong with the way it is done. Are we prosecuting other Indy Captains today with retrospect and the I would do it differently sayings? These cowards like Al Gore told us that Hussein had WMD’s a couple of years ago, but now that public pressure is on they are not against the war they voted for. Hillary told the code pinkers that they were incorrect and that the war was the right decision. Now she has changed her mind….due to politics.

    Does anybody care? Doen’t it strike you as add that Belifonte and Hillary can say such things as in my previous blog? What do you think bob? IS Condi a house slave and powerless? Does Hillary have a southern accent for real or just to get votes?

    I have so much to write but I need to get back to work. Peace out brothers and sister.

  23. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    March 14, 2007 at 12:31 am

    Did you get outraged in 1993 when Clinton Fired ALL of the prosecuters Bob? Doubt. It.

    let me guess, they were all not working hard and needed to be fired right? Travelgate? Hillary fired all of them and I don’t remember hearings from the republican congress or do I?

  24. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    March 14, 2007 at 12:36 am

    Lastly, Bob, in the article about the soldiers not ready for combat being sent to Iraq anyways. Here is a key for you. It was in Salon, and:

    It is a claim division officials deny.

  25. Dave Congalton
    March 14, 2007 at 3:02 am

    New Tone,

    The Languagemiester segment was not political. We discussed Ann Coulter in the opening segment and I made it very clear that I don’t censor and I’m not offended by Coulter. Every time she opens her mouth, she moves people to the left. Only one caller mentioned her.

    One again, you make assumptions that are incorrect.

  26. Bob from San Luis
    March 14, 2007 at 7:11 am

    New Tone: From the bottom up; of course the division officials would deny that they are sending injured soldiers back to Iraq, but their denial does not equate into a “fact”.

    Did I get outraged in 1993 when Clinton fired ALL of the prosecutors? No, I did not. I was not very politically aware back then, number one. Number two; the prosecutors that Clinton fired were all appointed by either Bush 41 or Reagan, and it was the prerogative of President Clinton to do so. President Bush (43) considered doing the same when he came into office (apparently) but chose not to. The scandal of what the latest firing of federal prosecutors serves up as ironic is that those recently fired attorneys were appointed by the same administration that fired them! The “meat” of the scandal is that the firings appear to be politically motivated, and that White House advisers apparently influenced the decisions of who was fired.
    As for hearings from the Republican controlled Congress about the Travel-gate, if Travel-gate was such a scandal, why didn’t the Republican Congress have any hearings?

    Any comparison of the current mess in Iraq and WWII is flawed before it even begins. We entered into WWII after we were attacked and then Germany declared war on us. President Bush attacked Iraq without provocation; Iraq had not attacked us, had no capability to harm us, and the vote of Congress giving the President the authorization for use of force was conditioned on going back to the UN for further authorization before using any force. In effect what President Bush did in invading Iraq was, illegal. As for prosecuting other Indy Captains today, no, we are prosecuting the specialists and privates, not officers. The low ranking soldiers at Abu Garib were the ones prosecuted, not their superiors. Your comparison to anything concerning WWII and Iraq does not wash, period.
    As for Hillary and her accent, jeez, does it really matter? Smoke an mirrors, this is Fox News making news, not reporting. Harry Belafonte is a private citizen and can say what he wants to, this is a free country. Nothing he has said can compare to Ann Coulter’s rants and insults. As for Condi being a house slave and being powerless, she has obtained the highest position ever for a black woman in any administration; if she is powerless it is because this administration puts absolutely no value on diplomacy or negotiation. Use of force is the only thing this administration respects or admires.

  27. steve
    March 14, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    bob living in san luis said

    “Harry Belafonte is a private citizen and can say what he wants to, this is a free country. Nothing he has said can compare to Ann Coulter’s rants and insults.”

    Belafonte said Bush is the biggest terrorist in the world standing next to Hugo Chavez.
    Ann Coulter called liberals godless. Okay.

  28. Bob from San Luis
    March 15, 2007 at 1:49 am

    Steve, do you have a problem with private citizens stating their opinion? Mr. Belafonte is somewhat of a celebrity so his actions can have an impact on his reputation and how people perceive his music, which is his “product”. Mr. Belafonte has chosen to take his opinion public and he will face the consequences of his actions. I personally do not agree with Mr. Belafonte’s opinion, but he has every right to speak. I am not aware if Mr. Belafonte is the spokesperson for any group or organization, but if he is I would assume that that group would either suffer or benefit from Mr. Belafonte’s public statements. As for Ms. Coulter, she has called for liberals to be hunted and shot, Bill Clinton “was a very good rapist”, “I’m getting a little fed up with hearing about, oh, civilian casualties”, “I think we ought to nuke North Korea right now just to give the rest of the world a warning.”, “Isn’t it great to see Muslims celebrating something other than the slaughter of Americans?” ; hum, she sounds so “balanced” and nurturing. And that was from just one google hit. Sheesh.

  29. steve
    March 15, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    pc bob living in san luis said

    Bill Clinton “was a very good rapist”, “I’m getting a little fed up with hearing about, oh, civilian casualties”, “I think we ought to nuke North Korea right now just to give the rest of the world a warning.”, “Isn’t it great to see Muslims celebrating something other than the slaughter of Americans?”

    right on, works for me

  30. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    March 15, 2007 at 2:47 pm

    To be fair Bob, you are right and I do agree with you about Belafonte. He is and should be allowed to say what he wants. I don’t think he should be put in rehab, re-educated, or arrested.

    He was a supported by the AARP, and due to ealier anti american comments in 2005 they rleased this statement:

    AARP Reacts to Comments by Harry Belafonte
    News Release

    January 10, 2006

    Today, AARP issued the following statement in response to remarks made by Harry Belafonte.

    Last year, AARP The Magazine recognized Harry Belafonte for his work in serving as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF since 1987.

    To our dismay, Mr. Belafonte has made reckless and irresponsible statements about the President of the United States which we neither support nor condone. Mr. Belafonte is entitled to express his own personal views, but AARP does not condone the manner and tone which he has chosen and finds his comments completely unacceptable.

    But many on the left agree with Belafonte and he is serious when he makes these statements. I see a difference when a commentator and self described pot stirrer makes commentary how it seems that the muslim world seems to only celebrate American deaths or destruction and such. When have the muslims ever been happy except when were were hurt? I can’t think of any times either. Where are the muslim leaders in this country condemning the terrorist attacks as evil and wrong? Very very few if any. Sorry to say, but that is fact Bob. Feel free to show me the pro American muslam rallies, I will admit I am wrong in my thoughts.

    I also fail to see how firing people you hired are accepted is wrong, if they are not carrying out the duties that are important to you. If you find it ok that Clinton fired all US attorneys including the one in Little Rock because they were appointed by a republican, how is it SO BAD that Bush fired 8 who were not prosecuting immigration and drug laws that Bush Admin deemed important? They are AT WILL employees, which means they can be hired or fired at the whim of their boss, ultimately the adminastration.

    Travelgate. The employees had been there some for 30 years and worked for both democrats and republicans, but Hillary had friends she wanted there and put them in instead. Mean, but not illegal I guess.

  31. Julie
    March 20, 2007 at 9:56 pm

    Been kinda busy here. All is ok though…will get back to everyone’s emails soon…

    Iraqi City of Kirkuk Targeted in Bomb, Mortar Attacks; 20 Die
    Last Updated: March 19, 2007 10:51 EDT

    By Caroline Alexander
    March 19 (Bloomberg) — A series of bombings and mortar attacks in Iraq’s oil-rich northern city of Kirkuk killed about 20 people and left 40 wounded.
    Explosions were heard today across the city, which lies 155 miles (250 kilometers) north of Baghdad, President Jalal Talabani’s political party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said on its Arabic-language Web site. One bomb went off near a mosque in central Kirkuk while another detonated near the Ras Domeez market in the south of the city, state television said.

    The U.S. is deploying 28,000 extra soldiers to Iraq to tackle violence between Shiite and Sunni Muslims and to quell attacks by insurgents. Sectarian murders in Iraq rose last year, to 1,200 in December from 200 in January, before declining early this year, the U.S. Defense Department said in a report.

    At least eight bombs went off within half an hour in Kirkuk, and police officers were among the dead, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported.

    Tensions have been rising in Kirkuk ahead of deadlines for a census and referendum on whether its inhabitants want the province to become part of Kurdistan — along with the three autonomous provinces Arbil, Dohuk and Suleimaniya, the BBC said. Kurds, Arabs and Turkomen all claim Kirkuk as their own.

  32. Hoosier21
    May 12, 2007 at 11:09 am

    I do not see this administration as any more scandalous than the previous one. It is just reported more by the MSM. Truthfully, I am fed up with both parties and would like to see the whole bunch replaced. Just like the prosecutors. When politics comes before American interests, it is time to get rid of them.

    And Dave, I only listen to the radio to and from work. I listen to the WSJ on 920 in the morning. So, you are on when I go home. I listen to you until the first Bush or Bush administration bashing and then I change channels. I bet over 50% of the time, I don’t make it home on 920. It’s not that I don’t want to hear opposing views, but it’s just mostly jabs with no new information and I just don’t want to hear it.

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