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"This administration may be over"

Here’s the latest from the Washington Post. Anyone surprised?

“The recent White House shake-up was an attempt to jump-start the administration and boost President Bush’s rock-bottom approval ratings, but have those efforts come too late to salvage the presidency? A prominent GOP pollster thinks that may be the case.

“This administration may be over,” Lance Tarrance, a chief architect of the Republicans’ 1960s and ’70s Southern strategy, told a gathering of journalists and political wonks last week. “By and large, if you want to be tough about it, the relevancy of this administration on policy may be over.”

A new poll by RT Strategies, the firm headed by Tarrance and Democratic pollster Thomas Riehle, shows that 59 percent of Americans disapprove of Bush’s job performance, while 36 percent approve — a finding in line with other recent polls.

Tarrance said it would be extremely difficult for any president to bounce back this late in his administration and reassert influence on Capitol Hill when his approval rating barely exceeds his party’s base support and half of all adults surveyed said they “strongly disapprove” of his performance. An overwhelming 73 percent of independents disapprove of Bush’s performance, and two-thirds of those “strongly disapprove.”

The new poll of 1,003 adults was conducted April 27-30 (after Bush had picked a new chief of staff, budget director and press secretary) and was released at a conference sponsored by the Cook Political Report. It contains plenty of other bad news for Bush and the Republican Party, and suggests that the growing unpopularity of the Iraq war may be turning this year’s midterm congressional elections from local to national issues.

Forty-eight percent of respondents said they would like to see the Democrats back in control of Congress, while 37 percent want Republicans to remain in charge. The war looms large as a concern of voters, the poll shows, along with jobs, health care, gas prices and immigration. Combating terrorism — long the president’s strong suit — is far less of a concern.

Thirty percent of those surveyed said they will vote for a candidate for Congress specifically to express opposition to Bush, while 16 percent said they will vote for a candidate to express their support for the president. Half said Bush will not be a factor in their voting.

“We will have a referendum on Iraq for the first time in ’06, and the ’08 election may be similar,” Tarrance said. The two years “are going to be relatively bundled together because of Iraq.”

  1. Guy Murray
    May 8, 2006 at 12:42 am


    This administration cannot be over too soon. Not only is this great news, today’s Post also carried here a story about the good possibility that the democrats will regain control of the House. If so, there will finally be some accountability which this administration must face:

    “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) said in an interview last week that a Democratic House would launch a series of investigations of the Bush administration, beginning with the White House’s first-term energy task force and probably including the use of intelligence in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. Pelosi denied Republican allegations that a Democratic House would move quickly to impeach President Bush. But, she said of the planned investigations, “You never know where it leads to.”

    The day of reckoning at times comes slowly; but, come it does.


    Nipomo News

  2. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    May 8, 2006 at 6:39 am

    Come off of it Dave. You glee is showing. And Guy, what are you trying to do in your little photo, solve a math problem or something? Perhaps you are speaking on behalf of Sarah Christie that is running the stealth campaign for Judy Vick?

    What is with these people that are rooting for someone based upon Gender anyways? What would you think if I was here saying “Vote for Bruce because he is a white man” or “Vote for Dave because he is a MAN. We need a MAN in charge of us and to take our money!” I find it sickening reading several letters to the editor that support Vick because she is a WOMAN. What about this Emily List anyway. Can I be on the list, if I am not a woman? What would people think if the was a Steve’s List? Is there a Steve’s list? (as in Adam and Steve..homosexuals) We need more Homosexuals in office! I am sure the protester of last week have made up a group known as Jorge’s list. We need more illegals to run for and win office! Where does it end? I know you liberals are going to say “but…gals have not been elected to office as much as dudes have, so it is OK to be picky and for then to have their own special election club. VOTE FOR VICK< BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN. Try this on for size liberal: VOTE FOR VICK BECAUSE SHE IS THE BEST. Then I can take you seriously and not just think you are a gender biased and shallow follower of shallow arguments. To stay on point here, the approval ratings are just that. I support Bush and feel he is doing a great job overall, but they did not call me for the poll so I guess I cannot make a difference. Is it true that the “un-named democrat” will take the house, and if so that is why we have elections. I am glad that we don’t kick out presidents when they drop in approval ratings. Here are some interesting poll numbers from the past. http://www.stat.columbia.edu/~gelman/stuff_for_blog/perspective.pdf

    Bush is about normal for a president, much better that Ford, Truman, Carter, and others. Not as good as WJ Clinton, the standard of a great president and the sencond president ever to be impeached by the house of reps! I just cannot believe you socialistic people wanting so much for Bush to just die and go to jail.

  3. Hank from Los Osos
    May 8, 2006 at 7:29 am

    Actualkly, New Tone, I think your stats are wrong. Bush has incredibly low numbers and he has dropped further than any president in modern times in terms of popularity.

    Guy and Dave (and now myself) are in the majority on this issue. Bush has been a terrible president and his past mistakes are coming to haunt him. Even the Republicans are distancing themselves from him 45% of conservatives think Bush is doing a bad job. Iraq is such a mess — LA Times today has 4000 Iraqi civilains dead in the first three months, mostly by execution style.

    History will get W. and the verdict will not be kind. C’mon, New Tone, get your head out of your butt and see what is really going on!

  4. Bob from San Luis
    May 8, 2006 at 7:42 am

    New Tone: Interesting comments, looks like some original thoughts even came through. Speaking for myself only, I find, or get, no “glee” at President Bush’s dismal approval ratings. I for one would be happier if his numbers were sky high, but that would have to mean that he was actually doing a good job. Five + years of George W. Bush and where are we as a country? What was the question Ronald Reagan asked America about Jimmy Carter’s running of America: Ask yourself, are you better off now than you were 4 (or in our case now,5) years ago? It would seem that the few that could say that they are truly better off now are the CEOs and ultra-wealthy, who benefitted most from the tax cuts made during an unprecedented time of war. The mis-steps of the Bush presidenecy have been many, and when all is said and done, will history judge this administration as having unfortunate timing, gross incompetence, or plain unvarnished greed?

  5. JerryDinAZ
    May 8, 2006 at 2:49 pm


  6. Guy Murray
    May 9, 2006 at 12:29 am

    New Tone wrote:

    “And Guy, what are you trying to do in your little photo, solve a math problem or something?”

    Whoever you are hiding behind a wall of anonymity on the Internet, I was actually giving the eulogy at my father’s funeral earlier this year, after he died from complications of his second stroke.

    It is generally my custom and practice not to respond to those who hide behind fictitious, anonymous blogger names; however, this particular portion of your personal attack merited at least that much response.

    The rest of your comment merits no response.

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  7. Rich from Paso
    May 9, 2006 at 4:34 pm

    First, let me say to jerrydinaz: you need to get a life. We here on this blog are having an at least a semi-intellectual debate on the issues of the day. If you have nothing to add to the conversation with commenting on, butt out. You are giving whatever side you’re on a bad name.

    Second, I do think that New Tone is right about the glee that liberals are feeling over these poll numbers. I remember when Bush was over 50 and 60% approval ratings and it was A21 in the NYT. Now that it has been driven down to below 35% with the drumbeat of negativity from the self-fullfilling prophacy press (repeat the negativity long enough and the people will believe the negativity) it makes the front page or the lead on the evening news. I thought this country was at war. Even if you feel that Iraq was the wrong front to open, we are still at war with terrorism, or have you liberals forgotten that?

    My prediction for November 2006: the GOP will lose 7 seats in the house but none, no more than 2, in the Senate and there will be a GOP president in 08.

  8. JerryDinAZ
    May 9, 2006 at 7:52 pm


  9. Bob from San Luis
    May 9, 2006 at 10:08 pm

    Amazing, I find myself agreeing with Rich, again. jerrydinaz, you are behaving in the classic troll manner; always post in caps to make up for your lack of substance in your comments and never consider that you don’t even make sense. I would suggest that you grow up, but maybe you like your Mom bringing you your daily ration of Cheetos down into the basement of her house where you must be “living”. Sad.

  10. JerryDinAZ
    May 10, 2006 at 1:06 am


  11. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    May 10, 2006 at 5:00 am


    I cannot believe you made me feel bad because I picked on the photo of who is apparently you. That is great that you were able to share at your father’s funeral. But, if you have such thin skin about the subject matter, then I suggest you change it to another photo.

    What is blogging? Is it necessary that we all have verified identities here? What is the difference if you are the Guy Furry or Guy Murry? Why can’t we just share ideas, points of views, try to be serious, funny, or whatever? I think some on here are taking yourselves a little TOO seriously! You are not that important. Your ideas are not all that new or different. I and others are here for entertainment and to learn.

    There is no way to verify identities here. Just because I don’t have a name attached to me, Guy won’t respond to my points made in this blog, except that he has a picture of himself that looks bewildered or confused and I ask him about it and he claims what he did about his father’s funeral. Try this Guy, put a picture of yourself smiling with a pair of earmuffs like Dave Congleton has on his web photo trying to look like Sean Hannity. Then when some heartless girl comes along and wonders why you have a bewildered look, you can say because I was listening air america and they were cracking jokes about Dick Cheney shooing his friend in the face and not get an attitude about it.

    We are here to have fun. Have fun and try reponding to other’s points whether or not the have a name attached to them. DO YOU HEAR ME JERRY DAGNA OF THE ARMPIT OF THE WEST PHOENIX!

  12. Bob from San Luis
    May 10, 2006 at 7:12 am

    New Tone, jerrydinaz: Okay, I should lighten up, this is just a blog. I do read and comment on other blogs, and do so as anonymously as anyone else, there. Here I am anomymous to everyone except Dave and Tom, but they only know who I am as a caller and they might know my business. Anyway, yeah, this is a blog, and we can all be as goofy and rude as we want, Dave certainly didn’t try to impose any “rules” of conduct. I for one thought think that since this blog is in conjunction with a local program, why not behave a little more like a community? jerrydinaz, I insulted you earlier, I apologize. New Tone, I have also been condesending to you before, that is not my usual behavior, sorry. Look, we can be as snippy here just like any other blog on the web, or maybe we could show a little more respect for each other, it is our choice. From now on, I choose to be more civil, and although we don’t have to take our selves too seriously, we certainly can make some valid points, provide factual links, have coherent arguments, and maybe get somebody to see our point of view. With all of that said, I don’t believe for a second that there will be a Republican majority in the House after the upcoming elections, quite possibly the Senate will a have a Democratic majority, and I firmly don’t think any Republican has a chance to become president in ’08. Thanks for reading.

  13. Rich from Paso
    May 10, 2006 at 3:38 pm

    Okay everyone, here’s my take on the whole “everyone takes themselves too seriously, it’s just a blog” thread that been going on. Yes, it is a blog, which is to say it is not an AOL chat room. notice how very few people say things like LOL or IMHO and IM shorthand like that. I feel I can speak for Bob here that we do take our exchange here seriously because we are debating the serious issues of the day. Whether it is republican v. democrat, immigration, the influence of Wal-Mart, etc. These are serious issues and we take our discussion of them seriously. having said that, I do appreciate levity and humor but when someone from the sidelines (that is not in the active discussion) chimes in with a sniping comment irrelevent to the discussion or denegrating of the one doing the posting, it is going to be met with hostility. I welcome you to the debates on the blog, if that is your choice to join. Sometimes it does feel like Bob and I are “sucking the air out of the room” so to speak. You sound right of center, which is good; it provides balance. Bob, New Tone, Guy at al and myself want more people to participate I’m sure, so please do. I just ask that you take a second or two to think about what you are trying to say and make a post that is worthy of response, and please show the same courtesy on this blog as if you were speaking face to face with the people you are posting to. Thanks.

  14. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    May 11, 2006 at 2:38 am

    Ha, I finally have time to instruct Bob and Guy about how Presidential Historical Gallup poll numbers have always gone down except for the greatest ever President Clinton. Put that in your pipe and smoke it if you dare!

  15. Rich from Paso
    May 11, 2006 at 3:49 pm

    Good work, New Tone. I want to point out that Reagan ( the greatest Republican president of the 20th Century [just to limit debate]) was almost as flat as Clinton’s. Fatigue with the guy in office is systemic not just isolated to the 2nd George W.\
    Good job.

  16. Bob from San Luis
    May 14, 2006 at 5:35 am

    New Tone, Rich: The chart that was linked to is a year out of date; it would be interesting to see how far down the drop for President Bush looks on a chart. The most valid comparison seems to be the chart for Richard M. Nixon. The main thrust of the article Dave posted is the potential for political “blowback” against Republicans either running for re-election or running for the first time. As more details are uncovered as to how deceptive this administration is alledged to be, the voters may decide that the path chosen by the Bush team to “defend” our country is nothing more than a raw grab for unchecked power, with the President answering to no one.

  17. Rich from Paso
    May 15, 2006 at 3:03 am

    Bob, wrong again. The graph is accurate depiction of the decline of presidents over time. Besides, 66% of the American people support what the NSA and the Bush administration is doing with the terrorist surveilance program and the adjunduct NORA (non-obvious relationship analysis) program story that the USAToday re-released which was originally published in the NY Times. Your “blowback” theory is misguided. It is another liberal media dirty trick on an informed American public in an attempt to influence the Hayden CIA nomination. It will “blowback” in the faces of every Demogogeing Democrat trying to make hay out of this issue. The dumber and clueless the Democrats say they are on this issue, the better it is for Republicans. Also, Bob, we the people appear better informed than you think we are.

    By the way, I find the irony very rich indeed with thre rhetoric you use when talking about the Bush White House. I clearly recall the same rhetoric being used by Republicans to describe the “raw grab for power” by the Clinton Administration and it’s desire to nationalize 1/7th of the US econmy with the Clinton Health Care plan, which was developed in an ultra-secret meeting headed by Hillary Clinton an unelected official “accountable to no one”. Rich irony indeed.

  18. Bob from San Luis
    May 15, 2006 at 8:37 am

    Rich: Two questions; first concerning the 66% who support the NSA program, if you have nothing to hide, if you don’t mind having a government agency knowing every single facet of your daily life, are you willing to go another step, and allow a camera to be installed in your home so the government can “protect” you?
    Second question: Exactly how many times has President Bush testified before Congress while under oath?
    As far as a “Liberal Media Dirty Trick”; where exactly is this “Liberal Media” that those on the right bellow on and on about? Is there a news organization that is owned by an individual or group that has admitted left leanings? Or is it possible that all media outlets are owned by corporations that are more concerned about doing what corporations do, make a profit? You want so badly to demonize those who question this administration that you possibly don’t recognize that there is a possibility the news that you don’t like is based on fact, that it could be true? I understand that respect and admire President Bush, that you think he is doing the job that needs to be done; I think there is a possibility that your trust in the Bush government about to be shattered by the reality of deception that will be uncovered, that the systematic degeneration of our civil liberties is a caculated move by those on the far right to undermine what our founding fathers put into place; a government that wanted equal protection for all which provides equal opportunity for all, and the mechanisim they put in place to maintain that was to insure that no one branch of government had more power than any of the other two branches. Please re-read the first three articles of the Constitution to remind yourself of what was intended as a way for our country to survive a blatent attempt of one branch of government trying to minimize the power of either of the other two.
    One other thing; the poll that is cited for the 66% supporting the NSA was conducted on 502 Americans- doesn’t seem like that might be as representative as it could be, especially if the survey questions were weighted in a manner to obtain the most favorable answers wanted (like having a high percentage of approval for the program in question). Take a look at the poll yourself link and read it for yourself. You might also be intrested in a different result here and see the difference expanding the poll to twice the number of respondents, as well as having a day for the “other” poll results to sink in.

  19. Rich from Paso
    May 15, 2006 at 4:06 pm

    okay, wso you don’t deny that the story was re-released and you don’t deny that Democrats are making themselves look stupid by either being or feigning ignorance. The “liberal media” that I and others talk about is the smae one that regurgitates old news as new news in order to create a controversy that the American people already knew about 6 months ago!

    How stupid do you think I am, Bob? That is the worst example I have ever heard. Cameras in our homes to be safe?!? All you had to say is “slippery slope” and you would have made your point. You sounded like New Tone with your absurd example (sorry, New Tone).
    I know those 1st Amendment pretty damn well thank you very much. You need to reread the 4th Amendment, especially the part about “unreasonable” searches and seizures. Looking a phone numbers that the phone company owns is neither invasive or unreasonable.

    More of that rich irony that I was talking about. You complain that the polling size was too small on the NSA poll. I claim the polling size was too small on the “Soldiers don’t like Iraq War” poll a couple of months ago. Didn’t you say something to the effect that the poll was “scientifically” accurate?

  20. Bob from San Luis
    May 16, 2006 at 5:33 am

    Rich: The link that gave for the re-released went not to USA Today, but to another site. The other site did credit the NY Times with the original article, as to whether or not USA Today credited the original article, I am not aware since I don’t read USA Today. I was not aware that USA Today was a “liberal” paper; whatever. I don’t see how whether or not corporate media recycles news stories is the issue; if the stories are valid, what is the problem?
    Your link for the Democrats, as insulting as it is, does make a point, depending on how one chooses to look at it. The Democratic President, The Democratic House and Senate did pass the legislation mentioned in the article; did the Republicans fight the issue back then, or did they question the possibility that the new law could be abused? That is the main assertion being made now, and I think with good reason.
    Rich, I don’t think you are stupid at all, never have. My exaggerated example was an attempt to point out how intrusive the NSA program has the possibility to be. The NSA is authorized to obtain evidence on foreign nationals that are a possible threat to the US; they are explicitly not allowed to spy on or obtain evidence on Amreican citizens unless they suspect (possible cause) that citizen is in collusion with a foreign threat. By the way, if a government agency wants or needs to search phone records, they have the tools in place now to do so; all they need is a warrant, which is provided for by the FISA court.
    As far as the polling data, I thought I agreed with your assertion that the sample for the poll of military personnal was too small, even if the scientific sampling was accurate. We both know that polls can be pushed, that data can be manipulated, that statistics can be twisted to prove any point; facts are the hard data that should be indisputable, but lately have been shaded in secrecy. Once again, it comes down to trust; you say you trust President Bush to do the right thing in protecting the US, I remind you that you are in an evershrinking minority viewpoint as a majority of Americans do not think the President is doing a good job. I’m sure you’ve read or heard that when asked to describe the President in one word, a majority of citizens used the word “incompetent”. Most Americans do not trust this administration to do the right thing and they have the track record of performance in Iraq as an example. I think you find very few Americans that put any fault on the troops who are doing the best they can in Iraq; there is a perception that the administration has fouled up the execution of this pre-emptive attack on a country that never harmed us, had no capability to do so, and the links to terrorism are tenuous at best. I know you have linked to them before, but those assertions are way to weak to justify the 2390 American deaths so far. As I have said before, wait for all of the investigations that are going on now, and those yet to come, to finish up before you profess how innocent this administration is of corruption.

  21. Rich from Paso
    May 16, 2006 at 4:42 pm

    Bob, I may not be an expert on this NSA broohaha, but you guys will turn me into one. First of all, the US Supreme Court has already said that what the NSA did was legal. Think about it for a second, Bob, do the guys on Law and Order go to the FISA court to get a warrant to look at the phone records of some perp they’re investigating? No! The phone company owns your phone records. That’s why all the NSA had to do was go to AT&T and the others and politely ask, in the name of national security, could we, pretty please, have the numbers (not the names) dialed by al Qaeda scumbag A and so on. This is how intermediaires and facilitators are caught and flipped so that higher ups get caught. It is a proven technique used by the organized crime detectives. Fourhtermore, as you will read in the link above, the Supreme Court has already ruled that you do not have a “reasonable” expectation of provacy since you have to send to the phone company the number you want to dial. Your phone bill has the location and the number of every call you made last month. Has the phone company asked your friends, family and acquaintences permission to have their numbers listed on your statement every month? Of course not, the information is the phone company’s and the phone company gives you back that information as part of the service agreement that you and the phone company entered into.

    I forgot that you agreed with me on the polling data, my bad. As for the assertion, again, that I am in the minority when it comes to public perception of the President: Galileo was in an even smaller minority when it came to the question of whether the earth was round or flat. I’m going to go out on a limb here and believe that 99.9999999999% of those polled believe the world agrees with Gallileo. I don’t have the + or – on the margin of error, but I think you see my point. Just because, you, Dave and (supposedly) 71% of the people view Bush negatively doesn’t make you right. just because 71% of the people disagrees with the President on the Iraq War doesn’t make them right, just Americans with opinions.

    Finally, I reject your claim that the military is doing the “best they can” in Iraq. Wrong again, Bob. The military is kicking the ever-living shit out of the bad guys every damn day. Those guys, and I, when I was there, are not just squeaking by or on the verge of collapse like your Vietnam era heroes like Murtha and Kerry claim, we are killing the bad guys by the hundreds for every one of our soldiers that gets killed. The military in all branches is better trained, better equipped, better manned, and better led than any military ever to set foot on the field of battle. Period, end of discussion.

  22. JerryDinAZ
    May 16, 2006 at 10:35 pm

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  23. The New Tone of San Luis Obispo
    May 16, 2006 at 10:41 pm

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    TOPCA ‘til our paths cross again
    TOY thinking of you
    TPTB the powers that be
    TTFN ta ta for now
    TTT thought that too
    TTYL talk to you later
    TU thank you
    UW you’re welcome
    VBG very big grin
    WB welcome back
    WDALYIC who died and left you in charge?
    W/E whatever
    WFM works for me
    WIBNI wouldn’t it be nice if
    WTG way to go
    WTGP want to go private?
    WTH what/who the heck
    WUF where are you from?
    WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
    YBS you’ll be sorry
    YG young gentleman
    YL young lady
    YM young man

  24. Rich from Paso
    May 16, 2006 at 10:59 pm

    One more thing for you to chew on is this article on just how violent Iraq really is.

  25. Bob from San Luis
    May 17, 2006 at 4:36 am

    Rich: Your link was enlightening; the main reason that the evidence was not suppressed in the case cited (if I understood it correctly) was that the police asked the phone company if they would help. Going out on a limb here, wouldn’t you possibly assume that the police informed the phone company that they had “credible evidence” that could be confirmed by the placement of the pen register by the phone company? Would that not be like a “probable cause” that the phone company would view as giving them an “out” if there was any litigation? It would seem prudent that the phone company would cover their behinds here as best as possbile concerning the case your link illustrated.
    71% of Americans (who have been polled) are in agreement that the President is not doing a good job. Yes, that is an opinion; that is what these polls reflect, they are opinion polls. Does that make us right that we believe or have the opinion we have? The history books will have much to list about President Bush’s term of office and I’m sure that some historians will give Bush good marks for what he tried to do. Intentions are great, but results are what count; given the results we have so far, the Bush Presidency has not accomplished much that have positive results. You can cite figures about GDP, inflation, unemployment and productivity, but many of those figures have been “fudged”. Unemployment figures are misleading due to not counting people who still don’t have a job, but have been dropped off of unemployment rolls due to their using up all of their benefits. I have asked this question before and never recieved an answer that listed positive results, so let’s try it again: What has George W. Bush accomplished while he has been in the office of the President of the Unite States that directly benefits the greater good of the American people? The tax cuts don’t really count due to their only helping the top 10% of earners.
    Linking to the New York Sun? Ouch!

  26. Rich from Paso
    May 17, 2006 at 4:07 pm

    You’re right about one thing, you are out on a limb with all of your suppositions. I don’t know, maybe Guy the Lawyer could answer the question better. All I know is that it is legal for the NSA to have done it. Of course that is assuming the program exisits in the first place since BellSouth, AT&T and Verizon all deny having anything to do with the NSA. This could be another Jayson Blair fraudulent story that suckered in USAToday. We’ll have to see what the intelligence committees say after they get briefed. They won’t come out and confirm or deny anything, but if the vinegar is out of the rhetoric, you can bet that there is nothing to the story.

    Why are you poo-pooing the New York Sun? You linked to the Socialist Party of America, for Christ’s sake, so I don’t turn your nose up at the new York Sun, just respond to the story.

  27. Rich from Paso
    May 18, 2006 at 4:43 pm

    Here is yet another link to another person who says things aren’t as bad as the media portrays and are actually quite good. This guy is an Iraqi so maybe, just maybe, you’ll take this guys word for it.

  28. Bob from San Luis
    May 19, 2006 at 7:10 am

    Rich: The last link you posted was very interesting reading. The article was very upbeat, and if things are going as good as the writer say they are, that is very good news. I am a liberal, I see myself as a “progressive”, meaning I would like to see all boats rise with the tide, not just the biggest ones. I thought the invasion of Iraq was wrong from the beginning, in my opinion we were never given a valid reason to attack an essentially unarmed nation that had never attacked us and had no capability to do so. The links to terrorists were weak or specious, and we have lost way too many lives and spent way too much money which we are basically borrowing from China and other nations. Since we have been Iraq however, I for one have never wanted to see a failure of completing the “job”, which changed several times until we arrived at establishing a democracy in Iraq. If what we are doing in Iraq helps the Iraqi people, that is a good thing. Given how much this has cost us so far though, is it not a reasonable assertion that we could have simply bought Iraq with the Billions we have spent so far, and not had the loss of life by our military and their civilian population? As I have stated before, I would rather Bush’s polling numbers be sky high, but that would mean that he was doing a great job, which he is not. I have asked this question before: What specifically has President Bush done (accomplished) with 5 years in office, that has benefited a majority of Americans?
    You linked to an article about the TelCom companies and their cupability in the ever growing NSA domestic spying story: The President has apparently given the NID presidential authority to pardon the TelCom companies if, or when they are exposed to legal action for cooperating with the government in a program that may or may not be legal. It is supposed to cover both past and future programs that have yet to implemented or discovered. Does that not sound like the action of a body of government that is protecting it’s actions?
    As for the New York Sun, your link went to a subscriber site, so I only read the first two paragraphs; I don’t feel I can comment based on not reading the article.

  29. Rich from Paso
    May 19, 2006 at 5:13 pm

    Bob, whether you wish to accept it or not, here are the five things you asked for:
    1) Tax cuts – Tax cuts are not just for the rich. As you said, rising tides raises all ships. The economy is booming despite Katrina and high gas prices. The capital gains tax cut saves average American thousands of dollars when they go to sell their stocks, draw from retirement funds or sell their house.

    2) No Child Left Behind – Exposes the glaring inadequacies of our public school system and it is exposing for all to see the incompetencies of those running our schools. The first step to fixing the problem is recognizing that a problem exisits.

    3) The medicare prescription drug plan (which I don’t like – too expensive and does nothing to lower the actual price of medicine) is covering 90% of all seniors on medicare. As a liberal, you should love it.

    4) Not signing on to the Kyoto Treaty. What a piece of crap that Kyoto Treaty is. If you are complaining about high gas prices, imagine if Bush had implemented the kyoto treaty. The price of everything would be astronomically high.

    5) No repeat of 9/11. Face facts, America is safer since we started killing Jihadists. The planning for 9/11 started back in 1998 and took three years to set into motion. 2004 was three years after 9/11 and America is still safe. Furthermore, we have stopped other plots from taking place. America is safer. I know you are going to start crying about your civil liberties and how Bush is unaccountable, illegal wire taps, blah, blah, blah. You are alive and free today because of the steps Bush and the military have taken. You wouldn’t be able to bitch about things like the NSA looking at your phone records and such if we had continued on as we had in the 1990’s.

  30. Bob from San Luis
    May 20, 2006 at 6:24 am

    Tax Cuts: Your number one “accomplishment”; well, rising tides raises all ships- that only works if the tide comes in at the bottom, then all ships will rise with the tide. If the tide comes in from the top, only the biggest ships will survive, the smaller ones will be swamped. Here is a link that pretty well describes the “benefits” of the Bush tax cut plan, with comparison to how the national debt has been affected by Republican tax policies. Here is a link to a very vivid graph illustrating the link between our national debt and the afore mentioned Republican tax policies. Read these and maybe you can see how the relationship has not been benifical to our country. Remember, President Bush is the only President who has cut taxes during “a time of war”.
    No Child Left Behind: A plan that was put forth with a very grand idea, endorsed by many, even on the left, but unfortunatly the program is an unfunded mandate. Here is a link to the NEA, who have written about the problems with the NCLB. All hat, no cattle.
    Medicare Prescription Plan: Wow, what a fiasco. This is such a poorly written plan that does not cover many of those who really need coverage. Here is a link that shows how poorly the coverage is. Medicare Part D; appropriate letter attached, since it equals the grade it would get if it were a senior project.
    Kyoto Treaty: Again, wow. You are proud that the US is not signing a treaty? The claim about how much adhering to the Kyoto protocalls is another attempt to sheild the energy companies from embracing technology that will benefit the entire world, but because the initial costs are high, we just won’t do it. Here is a link to a report by the BBC that talks a great deal about the impacts of not just the protocalls, but also about the impacts of ignoring those protocalls. Once again, putting your (the Republicans) head in the sand does not cause a problem to go away; global warming is a fact, and we need to change our habits, to be innovative and move forward towards new technology, not continue to cling to old ways that pollute, contaminate our air, water and food chain.
    Safer since 9/11: Okay, we haven’t been attacked, again, yet. You claim that we are safer: How many of our incoming cargo containers are being inspected? Scanned for radioactivity? How porous are our borders? I think we have been lucky that we have not been attacked again. Homeland Security: Didn’t the President flipflop on that; you know, first he was against creating it, then he was for it? The President has recently embraced the concept of strengthening the Border Patrol; um, how come he didn’t fund it to the levels Congress wanted to? Here is my last link. This is to a Texas Congressman, who was a border patrol agent for a number of years. Scroll down to his mention of Homeland Security and notice how Bush did not fund what the 9/11 Commission called for. Oh, wait, the 9/11 Commission; another flipflop by President Bush did, first he was against forming it, then he was for it.
    Rich, for a leader who claims he pays no attention to polls, President Bush has changed his mind several times on issues where his “new” direction follows the directions that the polls indicate a majority think we should head. Except the polls concerning Iraq, of course. President Bush has had ample opportunity to make decisions that would make us safer, more energy independent, and not have our national debt held by foreign governments that could cause our economy to collapse if they wanted to. As for us being in worse shape if we would have continued on the path that was started in the ’90s, meaning the Clinton agenda, I for one think we would actually be better off now, if we continued to pay down the debt and hadn’t invaded a country that had never been a threat to us. Oh, and speaking of polls, Clinton was recently rated better than President Bush at honesty, how’s that for irony?

  31. Rich from Paso
    May 20, 2006 at 7:43 pm

    Bob, typical liberal responses.

    1)Tax cuts do help everyone. Guess what? Here’s something you may have forgotten: the “Rich” pay taxes too! I guess since they are called “the Rich” that they don’t deserve to spend their own money but need to give it to liberals like you who are sooooooo much smarter and more compasionate then the dastardly “Rich”. The truth is that the “Rich” create jobs employ people and keep this economy moving. by the way, your analogy of a tide rising from the bottom was stupid and a total nonsequiter.

    2)Of course the NEA will be against the NCLBA because they were the ones responsible for teaching our kids. Teh largest teachers union has been more interested in distributing condoms in school and teaching about Amy and her two mommies than the basics. THe wacky politically driven cirriculum the NEA supports is nauseating to me as a parent.

    3) As I said, I don’t like it but it does provide some benefits to seniors.

    4) The Kyoto Treaty is garbage. It punishes the US more than another signatory. Furthermore, China and Russia and India are not bound by Kyoto, and China and Russia in particular are two the the absolute worst polluters in the world. Another gift of communism. Here is a link from a Clinton aid talking about how damaging Kyoto would be to our economy. Cananda now wants out of Kyoto. Furthermore, this study from Duke University reiterates what I posted a few weeks ago that the SUN has more to do with global warming than industrialization. Not only that, but everything from peat bogs to cow farts and burps causes global warming. If you look on the chart in this link here, you will see that South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia are critically deforested, which contributes to global warming. Mt Pinatubo and Mt St Helens each produced in seconds between 130 and 230 million tons of CO2 and the world temperature dropped a half a degree. Scientists think human produce 150 times the amount of CO2 than all of the worls’s volcanos. Does that mean that the temp is going to go down 75 degrees? No one knows. But to base policy, like New Zealand’s fart tax, is stupid.

    5) N new attacks. I guess we both agree on that. But how much safer are we, you ask? You ask how many cargo cotainers are inspected and whatnot. To use your parallel: since we have never been attacked via our ports or the southern border, than I guess it doesn’t matter. Like you said about Iraq, if it was never a threat to us before than I will go along with you to say it won’t be a threat in the future. I said on Dave’s show that all politicians against the DPW deal missed a golden opportunity to offer a plan to fix the port security. Instead all they wanted was to bitch about it. The real threat is from Canada which enables terroists to enter the US just like the millenium bomber did.
    Bottom line is: 22 million Iraqis are now free of a dictator and the US won’t to worry about a threat from Iraq again. As for the 9/11 commission, what a farce!! They put Jaime Gorelick on the commission and she was the person responsible for errecting the information sharing wall that led to 9/11 in the first place. Secondly, they only looked at the Bush Adminsitration, not the Clinton Adminstration (see above) to find out why 9/11 happened as if the world started in January 2001. I have said that we need about 30,000 agents/soldiers/minutemen/whoever on the border, so I think they are all wrong.

  32. Bob from San Luis
    May 21, 2006 at 7:14 am

    Rich: So the “Rich” create jobs and keep our economy moving. How many jobs does Paris Hilton create? I mean, sure, she has dog sitters and professional “shoppers” and probably has hired someone to write stuff for her, but come on, she does not contribute to the economy of our country with the exception of the stuff she buys for herself and friends. An industrial tycoon, I don’t think so. But she is the tax bracket that the Republican tax cuts have benefitted the most. Here is a link from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities that pretty well sums up what the tax cuts will eventually cost all of us, our kids and grandkids. The Republican tax cut mania is directly bankrupting our countries treasury, with a majority of the debt owned by foreign countries. I have mentioned this before; do you not see the potential crisis this could bring? As for my analogy, it was very clever actually; think about it: The tide comes in gradually, lifting any boats that have been grounded to the point of floating. That is a rising tide, from the bottom up. Coming in from the top down is more analogous to a tidal wave; if you are on high enough ground or in a big enough boat, you should be fine, otherwise you most likely will be washed away. If you can’t get that, oh well.
    The NCLBA: I forgot, you are against unions as a matter of principle, right? Argue their politics if you must, it does not change that fact that NCLB is an unfunded program that most states cannot live up to, so it is ineffective, no matter how lofty the intentions were. If you want to debate NCLB, address the financial impacts and how the states have been scrambling to try to implement the program.
    Medical Part D: It is a disaster, period. Here is another link discussing how bad the program is, in depth, with an explanation as to how it got so bad and the last paragraph predicts that the system can’t be fixed in its current form and will go broke by 2019. Another fine program written for big business by big business, passed by a majority of Republicans, hurting more people than it helps.
    Kyoto Treaty: Alright, maybe the protocols would be too costly to implement by the deadline; so we just blow it off and don’t change anything? Great plan. Okay, let’s say the sun is putting out more heat; if we continue to emit more and more greenhouse gases doesn’t that make the increased heat worse? So reduce the greenhouse emissions to counteract the increased heat from the sun. Deforestation and animal methane releases: Don’t you see the link? With world population increasing, more land is cleared to farm. The slash and burn approach is bad enough, but then you bring in cattle to graze because the land can’t be farmed and you are doubling the problem. This is all related: We need to help third world countries reduce their population growth through contraceptives and other birth control (vasectomies, safe legal abortion when the safety of the mother calls for it), help them learn to farm with better practices, and maybe more people could learn to do without meat, at least eat it less often. Do you realize how much energy it takes to raise cattle that can’t graze? As far as reducing pollution and making our transportation cleaner, why can’t we have an Apollo-type project for clean energy production? As I mentioned once before, Brazil is now completely energy independent; why can’t we do the same? The answer is that our politicians are in the back pocket of big business, and big business doesn’t want to change how they are making their money, yet.
    Are we safer? Of course we haven’t been attacked, again. I repeat my assertion that it is more luck than good prevention. Our customs department is doing a very good job, and Canada could certainly learn from us on how to process incoming “political refugees” and so forth. I agree that Canada should do a better job, but even if they improve to our level, our ports and borders are still vulnerable. As for troops guarding our borders, I have changed my mind. We have 2 departments in the government that should be able to do the job, if they would get the funding to do the job they are supposed to. INS and the Border Patrol should be beefed up immediately, due to the legal status of our military taking a civilian role in law enforcement being prohibited by the Constitution. If we put 30,000 troops on the border, are they to be armed? Will they shoot only if fired upon first? My other problem with the military taking a greater role in border patrol is the likelihood of military contracts going to contractors in the form of no-bid contracts. Katrina sound familiar? The real answer is to force Mexico to take care of their citizens better- enforce a NAFTA type provision requiring that Mexican industry pay a living wage. The corruption of Mexican politics is the main problem that in the long run will have to be addressed. Yes, we need to contain our borders, but do not make the illegal entry into the United States a felony, unless the person coming in is proven to have bad intentions, to harm our country.
    9/11 Commission: It was a weak, powerless committee that could have done a real job of investigating, but it had no teeth. And that was by design by those in charge right now.
    Well, I’m off for a week, so I won’t be commenting for awhile. Take care everyone.

  33. Rich from Paso
    May 21, 2006 at 8:59 pm

    Bob’s going on vacation so I will keep my last word short.

    1) “The Rich” are those that earned $200,000 or more a year. They make up the top 5% of wage earners, they pay 54% of the taxes and are the ones that I refer to when talking about the “Rich”. Paris Hilton is just a skank whore that has a lot of daddy’s money (the real rich guy). Here is my link that shows how April’s tax receipts surged well past CBO projections. The CBPP is looking at the tax cut in static terms. It doesn’t take into account that the tax cuts create money that didn’t exist before with interest payments on loans, etc. Isn’t funny how liberals (and ill-informed conservatives) talk about tax cut costs. If it has been said once, it has been said a thousand times: It’s not the government’s money. It’s your money and my money.

    NCLB still exposes the inadequacies of our teachers as your link demonstrated. States have pissed away hundreds of thousands of dollars on everything from teaching creationism to “Amy has two Mommies” or changing all of the textbooks to eliminate “mom” and “dad”. They would be able to implement NCLB if the states had their heads out of their ass and their priorities straight and just stuck to the basics.
    I already have said I don’t like Part D. But some folks are saving money with it so it is not all bad.
    We have been making voluntary reductions in CO2 emissions, but we would be able to make more if the G.D. enviromental pinheads would let the US build nuclear power plants and to actually open Yucca Mt. Furthermore, Brazil may be about the same size as the US, but has a third the population, has the 11th size economy in terms of GDP (US is #1) and 10% of the US global influence. It sure is eay for liberals to think that every country is the same (Norway has socilized medicine! why can’t the US?) There are no two countries the same to make any level comparision. The US is moving that way but it is slower becaus the US has more irons in the fire than Brazil.
    The military on the border is not taking a civilian role; it is absolutyely the military’s role to “provide for the common defense” of our border. Furthermore, if Mexico doesn’t want our military on the border than they need to do two things: 1) remove their military from the border, 2) fix the corruption, end the drug trade that promotes the corruption, and end the socilaist state that has stiffled the Mexican economy. There was an article in the Washington Post or somewhere I saw that siad that Mexico’s economy is growing about 4.5% while Korea’s economy is growing at about an 8% clip. The bottom line is that it is not an immigration problem or a border security problem, it is a “Mexico Sucks” problem. If Mexico didn’t suck so bad than millions of Mexicans would be staying home and the US would be begging Mexicans to come over and do the jobs white people, I mean, Americans don’t want to do. We need to force Mexico to reform itself and grow up as a world economy. If that happened, the markets would accurately reflect the true price of goods instead of the artificially low prices caused by the illegal alien labor market. The time for everyione to end the hypocrasy is NOW!!

    Have fun on your week off, Bob. See you when you get back.


  34. JerryDinAZ
    May 31, 2006 at 2:29 am

    rich and bob…please get a room! You two are way out of control! Find a good book…take a walk…volunteer…find something to keep you busy! It’s hard scrolling through your diatribes to see what interesting people have to say…

  35. Rich from Paso
    May 31, 2006 at 4:28 am

    Thanks for chiming in Jerry. Always can count on something insightful from you.

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