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The Joys of Being a Radio Talk Show Host

This is fairly typical of the emails I get off the radio show. It’s wonderful to be subjected to such smug superiority on a regular basis.

Of course, if you heard the discussion on Wednesday, a few comments about Sean Hannity erupted in a full-fledge debate. My point is that Sean still seems to have an axe against college professors. He never misses a chance to stick it to them and I think it’s partly because he dropped out after a year. I think Sean should go back to school, get that degree, and be a positive role model for kids. No big deal. A small observation.

And I never equated the amount of education with the amount of success. Just look at Bill Gates.

Finally, Doug is right. I’ll never make it on the national scene. I’m just stuck here in poor old SLO Town (with him!), but I’m loving every minute of it. Even when you have to take this kind of guff, there is no better job than having your own radio talk show.

“It came to my attention, while at the water cooler this morning, a few of my Liberals friends were chuckling about something. I asked what was so funny and one replied that they had heard you rating success by means of one’s education. They thought this all rather amusing, coming from you.

I said, how so? One water cooler patron replied that you were suggesting that the radical Hannity who is on the air prior to you go back to school and get a degree. He’d make a better role model if he did.

Well, I’m not going to disagree with that advice. One can always learn something. But, in the case of education vs. success, what on earth happened to you? Going on your line of reasoning, it seems to me that by now you would be on a national radio and/or television show, instead of being stuck in the boonies working at a low budget station here on the Central Coast, in a so-called occupation without benefits and other work related amenities. I mean, did you not claim to have a doctorate in something or another?

Are you missing something? Common sense, maybe. Better stick to simply talking to the animals and the KVEC listeners will continue wonder if or not you are a fool. Remember, it’s better to keep them in doubt than to convince them that you are.

Have a nice day. Doug”

  1. Bob from San Luis
    March 3, 2006 at 8:13 am

    … But, in the case of education vs. success, what on earth happened to you?…
    I don’t remember you equating education with “success”, Dave. I do remember you equating a diploma as a sign of accomplishment, which in turn you were pointing out as an example for Sean Hannity to consider as a role model. Two thoughts: Success is measured differently by almost everyone. If one’s success is to measured in how much money they make only, that seems pretty hollow or vapid. If living the life one chooses, having friends you like, doing the things you like to do, going where you want to when you want to, and one does all of this within their means and they are happy, I personally think of that as being successful. The other thought is about Sean Hannity: Perhaps he doesn’t feel like he “wants” to finish his degree because without it he can still claim to be just a “regular Joe”, not some “educated elitist” who thinks they know more than anyone else. In my opinion though, I feel that Sean Hannity thinks he “knows” more than most people anyway, especially if they don’t agree with him. So Dave, a question for you or anyone else living here: Are you happy here on the Central Coast, doing what you do? If anybody who reads this answers yes, then claim your successfulness and don’t worry about the buzz from others who try to make themselves feel superior by denigrating others by comparing whos’ is biggest. Those are probably the type to buy the biggest Hummer/Escalade/Excursion/etc…. as a means of “compensation”.

  2. shawn
    March 8, 2006 at 6:29 am

    I didn’t hear this show, so I can’t really comment on it. I can, however, comment on what’s posted on the blog, and as far as that goes, I wouldn’t worry about “the national scene.” Your show is one of the few over-the-air broadcasts I listen to, because of the fact that it’s local. I can’t stand syndicated radio. Especially the political-wank stuff. So, keep up the good work, Dave.

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