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Back in the Saddle Again (Slowly)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Sorry to have been away for the last week, but I’ve been knocked flat on my back with the flu and it’s been a slow recovery process. I’ve been spending what little energy I have focusing on The Big Broadcast, but I promise to bring the blog up to speed throughout this week and try to get caught up.

Big show planned for Friday, especially during the 5:05 hour when we’re joined by Donna Jacobs and Jeff Lewis from PG&E. I’m giving them a chance to respond to last month’s show with Sarah Christie about the steam generator replacement project at Diablo Canyon.

I appreciate our show today, especially with George Ramos coming by from Cal Poly to pay tribute to Otis Chandler, the legendary publlisher of the LA Times. I urge interested LAT readers to check out the exhaustive coverage of Chandler at http://www.latimes.com. Great stuff.

Also, how about those ladies from Code Pink and that full page ad in today’s Tribune about the war? The calls were evenly mixed (I do try to alternate back and forth with the callers during these “hot” topics), but I was truly disappointed by the rather limp defense offered by war supporters. Many of you cracked jokes and repeated the same old talking points, but the harsh reality is that civil war has broken out in Iraq. It threatens to spread to the rest of the Middle East and W. doesn’t have a clue about what to do. I’ll see if I can find William F. Buckley’s argument about our failure in Iraq and post that. As we approach the third anniversary, the grim reality seems to be setting in.

Meanwhile, closer to home, I offer kudos to city, county and public safety officials with the back-to-back success of the Tour of California and Mardi Gras control. Yes, I miss Mardi Gras parade, but I think things need to quiet down for a few years before we try something again. SLO Police Chief Deb Linden has the situation under control and I’m thankful she’s in charge.

  1. Ken from Atascadero
    March 1, 2006 at 9:04 am

    Good to have you back, Dave. I did catch most of the Code Pink folks and I also read the ad in the Trib. To me, they spent a lot of money and actually said very little. I think Craig Russell did a far better job three years ago when he took out a full page ad for a direct letter to Bush.

    These women were speaking from the heart, obviously sincere, but they also struck me as hesitant and more emotional than rational. I also agree with you, Dave, that they tend to generalize about ALL women being against the war. Obviously not true — I heard at least one woman call in and disagree.

    I do think the war is becoming an ugly mess, but I’m not sure if Code Pink offers any viable solutions. Rhetoric sounds good, but . . . .

  2. Rich from Paso
    March 1, 2006 at 10:25 pm

    Dave, as I stated in the post reference William Buckley’s article, we are not at civil war at this time. There are several dozen militias of both Sunni and Shiite tribes at work in Iraq today. Were a full-fledged civil war at work in Iraq the body count would be in the thousands. Revenge bombings and killings are going on, this is true, however, they are isolated and not indictative of a full civil war. I add the caveat… at this time.

    The Code Pink ladies offered only an emotional plea rather than an intellectual one and certain had no alternatives to the situation in Iraq. They were quick to admit that they didn’t know what needed to be done. This didn’t stop them from criticising all that is going on in Iraq. They stated that Saudi Arabians, not Iraqis, attacked us on 9/11. True, but are they advocating that the correct country to invade should have been Saudi Arabia, or should we have done nothing and just chalk it up to a really bad day? What, if anything, do they have to say about that? Would they bef or an invasion of Iran if they used nuclear, biological or chemical weapons on US interests or personel in the region, or would they blame the U.S. and do nothing? The impression I have taken away from both appearances I have heard with the Code Pink folks is that they are pacifists and appeasers. That is fine, whatever, this is America. What they advocate would be noteworthy if we were fighting a civilized enemy. The barbarians of Al Qaeda do not care about the fundamentals of love or anything else that Code Pink preaches. They would behead each one of those ladies on Al Jazeera if it furthered their political ambitions of expediting US withdrawl from the Middle East. I respect their right to their opinion, but I think their naivete is dangerous and invites the enemies of the United States and what we represent to wage further war on the U.S. and our people.

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