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A KVEC listener writes — and is not happy!

This letter from Claudia in Los Osos greeted me upon my return tonight. She is referring to the Wednesday segment from 5 to 7 featuring guest host Larry Davis, a well-known Paso Robles conservative. I did not hear the show. Did you? If so, please weigh in and let me know what you think!

“While driving at about 6:45 this evening, I tuned in to the Dave Congalton Show for just a few minutes, only to hear two unfamiliar male voices spewing such inflammatory, hateful, fear-based and basically wrong information about Muslims and Islam, that I was sure your programming schedule had somehow changed and I was actually listening to the Phil Hendrie show!

I was shocked to discover I was wrong, as well as incensed, frustrated and extremely disappointed. Granted, I did not hear the full show as I soon arrived at my destination, but the few minutes I did hear were enough. Responsible programming involves hosts who are at least somewhat educated and informed about issues they jabber on about – and it is clear that these two hosts are obviously uneducated, misinformed, and/or just plain ignorant about the subjects they were discussing. And worse, they were spreading their hate and fear over the airwaves, influencing the public who may not know any better than they do.

At a time when our country is waging war against Iraq (who BTW is NOT responsible for 911 – I certainly hope your hosts didn’t go there) and literally tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis – women, children, and entire families – have already been killed, with many more dying each and every day at US hands, this type of hateful, insulting and fear promoting dialogue against Muslims, is unwelcome, unhelpful, and most unappreciated.

I listen to Dave’s show quite often and although I don’t always agree with him or his callers, I was under the impression that he was addressing a mostly intelligent audience. Tonight’s show was an insult to these listeners, regardless of their political stance or support or non-support of the war, simply because of the false information presented as fact, and thecloseminded, obviously heavily biased view of your hosts, with no balance for sanity or reason. This is not what Dave’s listeners expect or deserve. What does Dave have to say about these guys, I wonder?

My number one complaint about what I heard from Dave’s replacement hosts is that they made no distinction between Muslims and Muslim extremists. Muslims were all called “Terrorists”, and their religion was described as promoting hate and intolerance and “getting rid of Christians”. Examples given were the actions of bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. But wait a minute – these guys are Extremists! They do not represent nor typify the majority of Muslims, just as Christian extremists who blow up abortion clinics and Catholic priests who sexually molest children don’t represent most Christians or
Catholics! I am not Christian, nor Muslim for that matter, but I am certain that I could open the Bible and pick out dozens, if not hundreds, of passages that glorify violence and that are filled with hate and vengeance towards others, just as your hosts were saying of the Quran. Besides this, as the saying goes “terrorists are made, not born” – so if Muslims are all terrorists, then let’s hear an intelligent discussion exploring the causes, not just some finger-pointing, name-calling idiocy! Extremists in any form and of any religion are dangerous. Ignorance (especially in a radio host!) is equally dangerous.

Whoever these hosts are, I hope they do some reading and searching for the truth, and then come back on your show to correct the dangerous generalizations, falsehoods and hate they promoted. That’s wishful thinking on my part I know, but maybe you could get someone on who does know the facts and who can educate and enlighten, rather than incite? My first pick would be “Bob from SLO” who called in in an attempt to stop the insanity and mistruths, but who sadly had little time for much effect.

If tonight’s “All Muslims are Terrorists” program remains uncontested, and unexplained by your station, not only will you be
directly responsible for promoting prejudice and hate against Muslims and Islam, but it will also remain an ugly stain on Dave’s show, and he doesn’t deserve that either.

Looking forward to Dave’s return and a return to facts,”

  1. Rich from Paso
    February 2, 2006 at 5:12 pm

    While I was unable to catch the show last night, let me just say that, in the common form practiced almost everywhere, Islam is not a bad religion. The main tenant of Islam is subserviance to Allah. The religion is based on very practical notions on how people should live together. Of course, these notions of how to do things (woman staying covered, no pork, no alcohol, etc) are ideas born in the 7th century and are almost exactly the same a they are then. This is the only failing of the religion in that it is inflexable to change. This is shown by the very small minority of Muslims that actually abid by every tenent of the faith. A quick story…in 1997, I had the opportunity to dine with Muslim soldiers from across the Arab region. There were Kuwaitis, Jordanians, Lebonese, Eqyptians, Saudis and Yemeni soldiers present. I was the only American in the room. I was treated to not only some outstanding food, but a lenghty discussion on just about every current topic. One of them was Islam. The point is that each one of those men felt that their religion did not perpetuate hatred of anyone, including Jews. What they did tell me is what we already know, that certain Imams distort the message of Mohammed/ Ali (depending on if you are sunni or shia), and Allah. But that is true with every religion. A pope started the crusades. Jim Jones commanded mass suicide. Pat Robertson wants Hugo Chavez dead. The list goes on and on and all are done in the name of religion. One point I agree with Dave on is that religion needs to be taken out of the public discourse, both here and abroad. Talking about personal faith is one thing, but using a religion to achieve a political aim is another. I think, and I am sure that others will disagree, that the President has done a fairly good job of properly characterizing Islamist Extremists as the exception not the rule. Sounds as though the guest hosts last night didn’t even try, and shame on them if that is the case.

  2. Mud
    February 3, 2006 at 5:10 pm

    Well said, Rich. Well said indeed.

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